From Within The Lowest Edge Of This Vortex Looking Up Toward Infinity Seeking A Glimpse Of Heaven



I imagine that this is what the vision would look like of what entering through the vortex at the outer edge of infinity and seeing all in front that have come before you on this path while also transforming oneself into a singularity.



From within the edge of vortex looking up at heaven ward toward infinity


This is the cumulative essence of mostly matter but also a small amount of energy fused together and igniting itself as in nuclear fusion from the extreme pressure of the converging wormhole. All these according to E=mc^2; thus, transforming itself into mostly energy. The heavenly entity emerging as a brand new and shiny singularity at the opposite end of infinity.



Light Vortex Singularity 7 Heaven


After all if everything in nature follows this Fibonacci sequence why not the heavens.


Fibonacci Time Vortex




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A Spiritually More Accurate Interpretation Of The Phrase “A Steep Learning Curve”


Light Vortex Singularity 7 HeavenFig. Exponential Growth Vortex in 3D


If each human brain had only one synapse– corresponding to a monumental stupidity – we would be capable of only two mental states; 21 = 2. If we had two synapses, then 22 = 2×2 = 4 states; three synapses, then 23 = 2x2x2 = 8, and, in general for N synapses, 2N states. [However,] the human brain is characterized by [over 100 billion neurons and each having anywhere from two connections per brain cell to gradually approaching over 64 synaptic connections per neuron]. Thus the number of different states of a human brain is 2 raised to this power – i.e., multi-plied by itself ten trillion times. This is an unimaginably large number, far greater, for example, than the total [known] number of elementary particles (electrons and protons) in the universe. … [Therefore there must be an enormous number of mental configurations that have never been entered or even glimpsed by nearly all human beings in the history of mankind, with the exception of a microscopic handful.

Quote from book: The Dragons of Eden: Speculations on the Evolution of Human Intelligence (1977) by Carl Sagan, where he combines the fields of anthropology, evolutionary biology, psychology, and computer science to give a perspective of how human intelligence evolved.


“Infinite Hedge:
On a Long Enough Timeline,
the Survival Rate for Everyone Rises to Infinity”

A man said to the universe,”
“Sir, I exist!”
“However,” replied the universe,
“The fact has not created in me
A sense of obligation.”
— Stephen Crane

Heaven Exponential growth singularity

Fig. Exponential Growth Vortex (Similar to Cauchy-Lorentz) in 2D

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Quantum Physics Leads To Quantum Neuro-Biology: Heart Attacks, Brain Strokes, and Most Mental Disorders A Thing of The Past!

Fibonacci Time Vortex
To put this in perspective, just a little over one hundred years ago today, Albert Einstein wrote a series of scientific papers that drastically changed the world. However if after Einstein had written any one of his four papers on either the theory of light, theory of special relativity, Brownian motion, or the photoelectric effect, and the first time it was presented to the public, he would have posted it in a blog for the entire world to read, it would have been glanced over by maybe a hand full and skipped by almost everyone else. This posting takes much obscure and divergent knowledge from many that appear to be non-related topics and in an unusual way, while trying to impart a greater understanding eventually, bring all of it into cohesive Oneness. Now if anyone truly understands this, I will be really amazed but I know for those that do, they will have understood an invaluable gift from the smallest investment (mere reading) for this is the least expensive and the simplest (at least in writing) method of conquering so many current and daily afflictions. I promise you this is eventually going affect everyone; it is intended for the good of all- Let there be Light!

First this is a slightly different path from an earlier similar posting titled “War (as Chaos) Is Nothing But Dissonance Coalescing Toward Unity”… That article starts first with explaining how in nature everything takes a certain path. Now to keep this article shorter, I rather refer people to that article if anyone needs initial, further, or deeper understanding. This article however does not focus on physical war and neither E nor mc^2 but on oneness and on a very similar transformation processes occurring within the human brain. Instead of mass transforming itself into energy, this article look at the back and forth processes of how the most powerful entities/ “mental energies” manifests themselves into actions (actions of matter). These two most powerful energies is what has been affecting the whole world for eternity and they are known as Truths and Lies.  This article explains how truth and lies manifests themselves and how it leads to conflict at every level from the individual at home all the way “down” toward the global threat of war. An ancient proverb even states, “If there is harmony in the house, there will be order in the nation. If there is order in the nation, there will be peace in the world.”  This is a divergent path from Chaos and War as this post relates more to the internal neurological and spiritual issues affecting people individually worldwide before it spills or manifests itself outside creating the current chain of events we are now noticing all around us. The two are related through the similarity that war is conflict at the physical level (normally between two groups) while these issues refer to the esoteric knowledge and interactions/torment or conflict of “war” on the mental or spiritual level between at least two fully and deeply embedded beliefs.

Basically the world is full of Lies! In fact,there are many more Lies in the world than Truths; thankfully most are easy to detect! Some are plain evil lies, other are lies in that they are not the actual thing but a symbolic representation. These are very necessary lies/symbols needed to convey or bootstrap some basic concepts to other much more complex or higher ideas (including spirituality, religion, science, math, etc).  As we mature, our minds increasingly absorb many pairs each consisting of a Truth and at least one Lie, which is the complementary symbolic representations of that particular truth (the actuality). However most of the time we do not take in the complete pair at the same time but just one half (the symbol) while the remaining half (the actuality) could take a whole life time before we become aware of it.  These dis-joined twins/“dialectical halves” are eternal masters of magic, illusion, and camouflage for they are the two most primal and ancient entities of Duality that came into existence right after Unity and they have existed long before creation–Duality and Unity gave birth to the whole known universe (the synthesis/trinity).

needle singularity3

From the time a person is born until death some dis-joined dialectical halves settle on the conscious part of the brain while others settle on the subconscious part. The conscious halves are usually readily available, however most people are not even vaguely aware of any subconscious halves residing in their minds. Still the more we educate ourselves in knowledge or the more information we take in; thus the higher the probability of finding and joining a missing complement to its twin. It will happen eventually, however this will only happen once our right brain half understands the connection that the world of lies and the world of symbolism is one and the same! This revelation then further facilitates greater understanding when we can make the most crucial jump and see the dialectical pairings of so many truth and lies. Finally after this somewhat “simple” revelation, it becomes extremely easier to make the mental connections both philosophically and neurologically that leads to what is the main purpose of this article. Still we must first break things down some more as not all human beings are made the same or are on the same level-each is beautifully unique.

Although this could also be looked at as a gender difference, this is actually more of how each individual have both a right side and left side of the brain working slightly different.  Humans may give certain words gender; however information itself has no gender. We can look at the structure of any piece of information as whole package (paragraphs or stories) or as a series of smaller packets (sentences or words); however, theses information structure are loaded like a gambler’s dice – that means both structures contain both Left Brain Specific Data and Right Brain Specific Data. These are the dialectical halves which will settle in either the left or right side of everyone’s brain.

net array small (Be aware that much of these information, as it was presented above and especially as it is about to be presented below, is NOT made available to the general public- and it is for a reason).

The Two Gender Extremes of Neuron Clustering Arrays

<–   High-Density Clustering (F)      ……vs…..       Low-Density Clustering (M) –>Neuron array
The main differences in the process of thinking is in the separation, collection, manifestation, and storage of any information. This is due to two different architectural array of neurons: LowDC vs HighDC (low density clustering or high density clustering). If neurons were people we could “allegorically/ symbolically” understand that rumors/information spreads faster the more people are around in tight groups and the opposite is true if less people and spread further apart. Another way to look as data and neuron is like the layouts of major cities where the center area is more populated but has many more roads in a tight web-like mesh facilitating flow of traffic along more than one path. As we move much further out we hardly see any roads and usually there is but only one path for “traffic/our information” to get to it’s destination. Still neurons are more like sensors too so if 100 motion activated flood lights are on only one house wall any movement by a person will give a clear evidence even from a great distance by the turning on of every single floodlight. However if the same number of motion activated lights is spread over a bigger area (one per house wall across several city blocks), we would not get one single bright light but we can more easily tell exactly where the object is at anytime due the the turning of individual light at different time; additionally, we can also tell in what direction and how fast that person is moving. In the brain this all translates as more neuron closer together means high sensitivity (over reactive/emotions) which is opposite of low sensitivity (under-reactive sequential/logic). A Logical array lends itself to the understanding of maps and navigation though now it is more similar to modern GPS in that like the human brain it is self aware from what direction information starts, what the conclusion will be, and how fast it is going to manifest itself. It allow for predictability thus maneuvering.

hype-curve Logic chart
NOTE:  Another way to look at all this is that many sudden geological or cosmic catastrophes are basically emotional manifestations of nature phenomenons as is evident by charts and graphs displaying hopefully only short-term instantaneous powerful burst of energy as compared to gradual processes such as the gentle heating of the Earth over an extended period of time. Any “planet” going through too many geological sudden burst of uncontrollable energy would not be able to sustain life as it could be self-destructive! However since all energy is both a particle and a wave, there is no way around it, just as in mathematics, the impulsive sinusoidal curve (along the x-axis of time) does spent half it lifespan on the negative side of the graph and half on the positive. The goal would be for the oscillating bipolar energy to dampened and reach what engineers call the steady-state or oneness with and along the axis of Time.

Emotions Earthquake Impulse 2

Now as far as humans, the two architectures difference is that basically the Left Brain is Logical Sequential Actual but Slower; it is under-reactive only seeing the smaller pieces initially but gradually accumulating insight toward the big picture (LowDC is Steady Incline Growth). Right Brain is Creative Holistic Symbolic Representative Fast (hypersensitive/ intense) so in most cases it is extremely over-reactive seeing the bigger potential then gradually tempering itself toward self-control (HighDC Dampening Impulse Response). Knowledge and Data is the same when it is presented to everyone but now we can understand the main difference is in the inner interpretation which corresponds to which side of the brain it will be stored and how it is handled.  Now we must understand that all forms of energy and matter (E=mc^2) come into our mind through our sense organs- some as light, sound, heat, pressure, even as food). Due to the duality of nature and the built-in capability of all our senses to ensure our survival in a dualistic universe, many lies/symbols/representations are nearly identical to the actual object or are so closely related to truth that they are hard to perceive- such as a physical reflection in a mirror or in a lake or “mental reflections or abstractions” the more common ones being rhetorical questions or sarcasm. So too did our brains develop dualisticly as to ensure our survival as one side is wire to detect sudden and dangerous events and gets our attention quickly, (NOW in the present) while the other side is wired to remain calm and gets our attention eventually (in the future) while it collects enough information to see the bigger picture.

Modern Academics on Dialectics

In ancient times philosophers such as Aristotle taught rhetoric, and now a similar concept is being taught in law schools. This is the reason why there are so many bad jokes about lawyers and why so most people hate them. Lawyers are being taught to see the duality of information and thus of whole events also so that they can spin the evidence 180 degrees. This is a great skill to have if you are spinning/flipping lies to see the truth but unfortunately too many lawyers use this knowledge to flip the truth into lie; money being the motivator. For non law students, there is an academic branch that teaches this dualistic philosophies and the flipping of perspectives. It is a continuation of the 1700’s known as Hegelian Dialectics. Georg Friedrich Hegel taught the philosophy and development of a thesis followed by creation of its reflection known as the anti-thesis and that when you finally understood how each of this manifested itself and the correlation between them then you had then also acquired the syn-thesis.

Now Dialectic is still offered at many academic institutions but it is limited and in most schools it is taught as a side note to a bigger concept for it is “the skill” that those in “authority” would not like the general population to acquire. To put it is simpler terms, the two greatest ongoing conflicts in history resulted and still revolve around esoteric dialectic knowledge. The two conflicts are self evident. One revolves around Jesus who is considered the Greatest Dialectician in history and who was preaching for the salvation and freedom of humanity from dark spiritual and imperialist forces. The other conflict is still unfolding in the revolutionary wars attributed to Karl Marx who wrote a book titled Dialectical Materialism and was was fighting against capitalistic imperialist forces.

The Great Awakening of The Higher Mind

One perspective in Dialectics is the study that everything that exists in nature, in the universe, and in humans has a hidden reflected compliment (mirror image) including the ability of our senses to easily detect these pairs. However these “gifts” initially do not manifest themselves in humans (or any creature) until our sense acquire discernment (spiritual awakening) and it only comes after so many dialectics halves find their matching compliments. It is a cascading effect (chain reaction) most probably started by just one special initial paring and by any form of energy entering the brain through one of our senses such a light, a sound, even a single word. It can even be an event bombarding many senses simultaneously such as an apple falling from a tree awakening Isaac Newton.

In essence Mental Anguish or Cerebral Chaos is nothing but dissonance of many collected and simmering truth and lies (including symbolism and parables) coalescing toward unity such as is with Nature spiraling down like the Fibonacci from infinity gradually and sequentially into 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 0. Basically when there are many different truths, opinions, symbols, or representations of the truth, energy itself is also diffused across so many entities or neurons and therefore no one part of the brain being able to assert power over the rest. Conventionally you can say that sequential and logical information settles on the frontal left-most brain lobe while emotional and symbolic information settles on the right-most brain lobe. It is a natural bipolar separation of information on either the right brain polar or the left brain polar. However as the tug-o-war (neuro-warfare or mental conflict) between truth and lies draws out toward infinity only the higher truths and the bigger lies will survive. The process is but an eternal sinusoidal wave oscillating between the right and left side of the brain. Right before the very end you will have the Highest Truth and the Biggest Lie going head to head. For most people these two are symmetrical – look identical (this is where study of dialectics fits in)- Truth and Lies are almost indistinguishable, bipolar flipping ensues and discernment is slow leading to intense heating of the hyper active neuro-circuitry thus there will be much mental anguish and pain!

It is no Time for peace from brain unity into oneness. This is the time when Bipolarity will reign for months maybe even years (Fibonacci spiraling down infinity down to 8, 5, 3, “2” , 1). Still try to find peace in knowing how time manifests itself and that eventually for most people, one side of the brain will overpower the other. People will either sway to the lies or see the truth and then they will stand up for one cause or the other. Without spiritual knowledge or religion the numbers of people seeing things one way or another too will be symmetrical and evenly matched. The two sides will be adamant about their own views thus War is eventually unavoidable! Duality/war of information led to war between the neurons which then leads to war between the brain halves which then leads to war of between beliefs, ethics, politics, and eventually physical Armageddon.

A brain stroke or heart attack follows when somebody spends too much time going back and forth thinking or dealing with very serious “issues” – this is bipolar dissonance. Like a car overheating either the water pump, the radiator, or the hoses connecting the two will burst causing everything to overheat thus first the engine breaks down causing the whole “vehicle” to stop. When the brain overheats from thinking too much due to stress it could result in the “frying of the circuitry” which is when parts of the brain get damaged. The brain itself has it’s own control center which asks for more coolant (cooler blood) from the heart. The heart responds by pumping harder and slightly faster (raised heart beat) any resistance to the increase flow of blood due to the arteries already containing blood is called high blood pressure. If not enough cooler blood is reaching the brain in time because of cholesterol blockages in the arteries or the heart is not used to working so hard, yet the brain keeps demanding that it pump harder, this will cause a heart attack when the organ breakdown in several different ways usually due to weakness though. Finally if the heart and arteries are in great shape but the person is weak minded in that he has not done much “thinking” or exercise, then the walls of the arteries especially those in the brain will be excessively thin and weak. As the heart pumper harder and the blood pressure goes up, the weak arteries with pop causing an aneurysm or brain stroke. Finally the brain itself can turned off certain areas of itself or the entire brains goes into emergency mode. It will go into a deep long sleep called a coma. All these confirms that such a rush of key information can cause emotional stress (a hyper active mind). The physical body itself (the outer appearance) will almost shut down but the inner person and the brain will be hyper active. They will try to tell you that this is called depression for most sheep will not understand that the mind is still functioning and actually learning to become more efficient. The mind is focusing on itself as it is discerning truths from lies. It is reprogramming itself to see the world as it really is. However their a few who seek power that do not want the general population to wake up for they will loose control of their slaves.

One of the greatest misconceptions is that spirituality and emotions are centered on the heart. It is a very simple mistake much like the church stating that the Earth is the center of the solar system. It is all perspective (special relativity). However if you can think of a drinking a milkshake that is about three feet or further from you with a straw long enough to reach it, what part of your body would be doing the sucking? Where would you hear the sucking/slurping sound as the milkshake is almost finished. Similarly when the brain first request more blood from the heart, you may think that it creates a small vacuum due to the sudden suction however it is the sudden and quick response from a jolt to the heart to get it to respond and pump more blood and this is the pain or sensation most people feel as they place their hands over their hearts. Emotions are higher energy thoughts and this is evident from Blushing.  Any information that which we are not completely comfortable with results in in a such thought-rush. The sudden response should clue you in that this is happening on the emotional side of the brain as it anticipates a run away chain reaction of unexpected thoughts; this is why the heart quickly starts to pump more blood to try to cool the brain.  Since it happens all of a sudden, initially some excess blood temporarily accumulates at the closest proximity to the brain which is the flesh on the cheekbones.


We must understand that if the information, philosophies, or “revelations” are too drastic for young or limited minds before they are ready, the brain can also go into “thrashing mode” which is a computer term but in neurology it could correspond with an epileptic seizure. Instead of an uncontrollable chain reaction of uranium or plutonium, it is an uncontrollable chain reaction of the too many firings of the synaptic junctions between the neurons from one initial firing to multiple daisy chains of neuro-electrical transmissions in every direction.  Basically too information before we are ready, leads to information overload and potentially a mental breakdown but we are still wired to push ourself to know “forbidden knowledge” in the hope of making ourselves feel wiser or special. The statements that should come to mind include the story of the three Rabbi or priests trying to find God and the secrets of the Bible where only one makes it out unharmed, another goes crazy, and the third fall down dead. Even Carl Jung called psychosis an incomplete gone astray initiation of religion. There is a fine line between insanity and genius. Education is designed to do this for us yet look as all the problems with Japanese students committing suicide at a higher rate than most other societies. This connection is probably why epilepsy has been associated with spirituality or called the “Sacred Disease” since before the time of Hippocrates.

Over one third (35%) of people suffer or die from heart attacks, brain strokes, depression, bipolar  and other mental issues. If you now understand how the mind-body-spirit works society as a whole will be able to deal with all these health issues. In short, once we understand them, we will be able to take better care of the whole population. If the whole population of earth works together, within a decade most people will be able to at least live about 30% longer! If you were going to live to be 100 years old, now you would be able to live until you are 150. Think of all the brain power that can be harness from all those people living longer!   Peace

New Age or IQs compared 2
Finally this would not be complete without a disclaimer!

I am a just an average Joe (a nobody) and NOT a Medical Doctor. I have no training what-so-ever. According to law I can not diagnose any medical condition, nor prescribe any medications. Nothing listed on this website should be considered as medical advice for dealing with a given problem.  They will probably tell you that you should seek immediate medical or psychiatric assistance if you have or make similar statements to what I have written above.  You should consult your health care professional for individual guidance for specific health problems… blah blah blah

This information is designed to be educational and informative in nature. I encourage you to make your own health care decisions based upon your research

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Why The Police-State Agents Will Turn Against The State: The Biggest Secret Psy-Ops Becoming Global- Now Affecting Every US Citizen

This Is Also Why The Government Will Not Ever Release Any Documents On This Issue..

At a father’s group in Texas (just north of Fort Hood)  an ex-military West Pointer gave some real eye-opening comments. He basically said that the current Divorce process, legislation, court system and military is all one scheme that was put into play around the early 1960‘s. It was put in place for the Vietnam War as a continuation to all the Dear John letters sent out during that period. People can confirm that this is when the divorces started to sky-rocket across the country (search statistics). However unlike what the military wants every body to believe, actual DOJ statistics confirm that divorces started to increase almost as soon as and probably even way before troops began deploying over seas to the war zones. This is because most were unknowingly “influenced” to seek divorce by a military scheme and not from many months of deployments bringing about stress on the family causing the divorces as they would like the entire population to believe.

Actual DOJ Statistics

This scheme being used to divorce CIA agents as well, has been so successful over the last 50 years that is was eventually exported and it is now used by most NATO members on their militarys’ service members. These sociopaths, government and think tank psychologists, that came up with the psy-op scheme, were so confident that it was undetectable by over 2 billion people in the U.S. and Europe, if not the whole population of the planet, that now even the United Nations has also facilitated in the expansion to gradually set up the scheme globally by pushing laws to ease first those nations seeking to follow western style democracy. Any one can determine which countries these are by noticing the UN involvement and a sudden high rate of divorce in that country.

In addition, it was also designed to grow and propagate over time by making to be one huge cash-cow to lure enough greedy lawyers. Lawyers through their greed would then facilitate and destroy more families on the civilian side to generate enough statistics thus making it as comparable to the military statistics. However the military numbers are still much higher. That is why they then modified the scheme to use on many other civilian organizations, especially most law enforcement agents nationwide (local & federal police even on FBI). All this still hoping to raise the civilian stats as most agents are ex-military, partly indoctrinated already, so less likely to suspect anything wrong. Ironic how the scheme is being used on them too even though they are the ones helping to enforce it.

It is designed to send “single” male soldiers without family responsibilities to war and deny ex-wives any long-term financial support that was initially and may still be coming from the military/ pentagon’s money pockets. This is why laws traditionally have been favoring women. Women are lured to divorce partners with both positive and negatives reinforcements. The positive is they get the kids, the house, money in many forms-child support etc thus they benefit in the short term. To the military, the soldiers wives are expendable as are the soldiers and even their children! Simply the less money the military spends on wives, kids, ex-soldiers, the medical bills etc, the more they have for their drones, guns, or bullets. The scheme is very very complicated but based on very slow very subtle psy-ops brainwashing tactics followed by Machiavellian divide and conquer restraining orders. He said that any Freedom of Information request will gradually reveal key pieces of data that when analyzed together with confirm all this. Talking about this among other soldiers would also reveal stuff, so they came up with “leave your family problems at home” and the “zero tolerance” to divorce and get the spouses or soldiers out of the service quickly before they talk and expose the scheme. Many times this leads to actual suicides or apparent “suicides” to silence those that know too much. This is also the reason why the Pentagon does not want to release documents related to divorce. Part of the even bigger Military-Industrial complex. Similar schemes used throughout the world pushed through United Nation’s facades.

Residual memories and super-stitching non-credible issues from subliminal mass-media propaganda especially around month of October makes wives fear and want to leave the husband. Fear works faster on a women’s emotional minds. They fight because she initially learns to fear him and starts rejecting him; any type of further advances make things worst. She starts to separate and acts different and because he has seen or heard about his fellow soldier go through this, he too now fears loosing his kids, house, everything. Mistrust ensues and fighting then just escalates. They are subliminally induced to fear and hate each other. The scheme then basically exploits women’s emotional traits to spread itself to other victims. It is a modern version- a reverse male witch hunt using crowd-sourcing (actually gender-sourcing). The media contributes to the fear mongering and makes things worst. The longest held myth orchestrated and pushed out by the military is that any family issues, hardships, etc are mostly due to prolonged physical separation between spouses; however most divorces (hidden stats) are initiated by the wife and due to fear from abuse by a mentally unstable “trained assassin” i.e. a soldier suffering from some kind of PTSD or similar. This is the main reason that the military has been pushing another lie, PTSD – the truth source is shame and guilt from killing innocents during a foreign invasion for oil and imperialism under the excuse of WMD. Any type of fear (PTSD etc) makes women worry about their safety and some just play the helpless damsel in distress thus they then go pleading to the oh-so-willing authorities who provide them with military issued cookie cutter divorce packets which she has to take to a civilian lawyer. They do this to hide where the process initially starts.

The divorce is initially financed through tax payer’s money plus civilian lawyers outside military bases (jag-ex military lawyers) take them by the truck loads as most of the paperwork has already been done for them by JAG. Easy money! Everybody in on the scheme wins except the military family-children suffer the most! Older teenagers then run away, low self esteem, some get pregnant, prostitution, premature marriages, alcohol, drugs, problems are endless. Government controls economy, no jobs -suppress the economy, many (if have low enough IQ) can to join the military or police to pay bills. Police State grows etc thus the Destructive American Cycle Continues Forever!

Most of the subtle subliminal propaganda is already out throughout the 365 days of year but it is bombarded more and put on the forefront of women’s minds during the month of October by little ribbons displayed all over the military bases knowing that during November, December and part of January, is the time when most Americans spend considerable amount of time together. When better to have them constantly bickering or fighting with each other. Right after this time period is when most marriage end in divorce! Chaos brings uncontrollable emotions and thus more chaos, and biofeedback psychological scheme. Through constant chaos at the family level, those in power achieve and retain their control and order. This goes along with the Masonic quote “Order out of Chaos.”

    Divorce II projected

The sooner they find out, most will turn on the system; hopefully it will be a peaceful transition.

The written word is the most powerful truth…

Trust in Him who makes all things possible and may God Blessings be upon His children now that the time of truth is here!


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Part I. The Terror Tactics and Other Esoteric Inner Workings of Covert Illuminati Style Psychological Behavior Modifications: Mental Manipulations Through Emotional Exploitation

   Jaws 31     Jaws screen3

Case 1 – Allegorical Parable:

The Movie Jaws (a form of Media) is Pavlov style repeatedly anchoring of a shark to shallow water; then a repeated scene of sun bathers at the beach subliminally anchored the deep water habit of sharks to the beach. Add a violent and horrific scene just once and the fear makes the whole stick like super glue! Repeat it a few times and it become gospel! Superstition- that is a sewing together or super-stitching of many things that are just not logically possible. The consequences are that most people associate the beach with violent killer sharks and “magically” the beaches are empty of it residents. Sadly most people do not give it enough thoughts that sharks that size would hardly come that close to the shallow waters of the sandy beaches. The process and consequences are due to fear induced hysteria which is what causes rumors to propagate so effectively. If this is done intentionally, it is call fear-mongering or exploiting the emotional balance and well being of gullible or highly illogical beings. The is psychological Terror Tactics by which Josef Mengeles, the angel of death, is famous for. Regardless whether in media and not real life, before long people or men at a beach while trying to protect others will begin to retaliate by going after sharks; sharks will get mad and maybe then some will start to fight back; possibly some really do start to eat people too! It can also be stated that this could have been done to turn one species against another or meaning the use of the Machiavellian concept of divide and conquer. A clear way to get rid of both some sharks and some men too.

Fear based trauma jaws

Logical Analysis:

Few people are naturally able to really understand the simple example below. For that reason the psychology department at the United States Military Academy at West Point as well as all other service academies spends a significant amount of time teaching the concept of cause and effect.

Cause and Effect? Can events can be presented out of sequence where the effect (the future) is disguised to be the cause (past event or even something presently happening)?

Basically we have two pairs of events (two chain segments) such as E1→E2 and then E2→E3 which can also be seen as three events in sequence (one longer chain) E1→E2→E3 Now Look at it as two segments A & B, the start of each segment is the Cause and the end is the Effect. Note that E2=Effect A=Cause B. Both are actually the same event just the words “In Fear” left out for simplicity.

Cause A: Media Trauma creates a fear and belief.   Effect A: In Fear Men go after and attack/kill sharks!

Cause B: Men go after and attack/kill sharks!           Effect B: Sharks do not want to be attack, fight back

Cause A and Effect B are nearly identical such that in both Sharks fight, attack, and maybe even kill except that one actually happened while the other one was a Media presentation that did not actually happened. If we remove the “minor detail” or difference of one not being real, we could then swap them easily.

Example of Sequence of events flipped in time (presented verbally) where Effect B happens first then it creates Cause B thus would it appear logical to say That Sharks attack first; Then this is justification for Men to retaliate and kill sharks!

Yes the sharks attacked first if we assume we are talking about the Movie however this fact was intensionally left out. Now this would be more realistic if people were not present or distracted in the beginning thus only saw the part of the movie where the sharks attack people. They were intensionally deprive of any information revealing that this scene was part of a whole movie made for entertainment. Now Cause A is nearly indistinguishable from Effect B and Cause A the non-real media event could be easily swap, interjected, and/or presented as it was the real actual event until an actual real event happens much later when it can then also be interjected back. Finally the unreal even Cause A can be hidden or destroyed as it never happened since now you have an actual real event to replace it with. Over time people we not bother to look for the true root cause and the whole process become circular. It becomes a self feeding chain reaction of event much like when you place a microphone next to a speaker. The smallest sound coming from the speaker it picked up by the microphone amplified and push out through the speaker to re-amplify it some more. However the amplification becomes to much and the speaker funnel rips or the higher frequency vibrations causes it to jam. So Cause and Effect can also be explained as which is the action and which is the reaction? Every action produces a reactions which then produces or reactions.

To explain more simply or better we take events E1→E2→E3 but described it as letters ABC (ABC) or as segment AB and segment BC. After flipping we can represented segment AB as CB which is actually a “misrepresented” since C and A are both very similar!

The most significant concept taught in the West Point leadership psychology department however is not just cause and effect but the concept of root cause and time flipping as was explained above.

Historical Background: Niccolo Machiavelli (The Prince around 1500s) suggested the concept of divide and conquer as the ideal tactic for a Prince to use to get rid or diminish the numbers of soldiers from two powerful and opposing enemies so that a he could then attack and easily conquer them both after the two had killed enough of each other’s soldiers. So could this tactic be used to turn one gang against another to reduce the number of delinquents? How about to turn two countries against each other; or within one nation two groups believing in two opposing ideologies or having two different labels. If the labels do not already exist, can they be bestowed upon them? Sun Tzu in the Art of War advocates to attack from within meaning have the enemy fight itself. Examples would include Korea into North & South Korea and Vietnam into Ho ChiMing Vietnam and US Vietnam. How about some thing much simpler like turning two persons against each other? How about if these two people live within the same house; better yet how about if they were a man and a woman and maybe even married to each other? It happens all the time! Could this be the same as when Jesus, said a house divide can not stand?

Case 2 – The Real World (Mostly in the US and other NATO countries):

Subliminally anchor violence to men through mass media; also add as much redundancy as possible by then also anchoring violence to the home. Since normally husbands and/or boyfriends naturally live in the home with their partner, violence in therefore again subliminally anchored to men again! Women panic after any verbal argument and call police who then kick husband out of their homes and keep them away from their “psychologically” unstable and paranoid wife who is left taking care of the children. Since men are natural protectors of their wife and children he becomes concern about about them both and comes to check on them thinking everything will now be fine. However he is then hit with another police call, stalking charges, and eventually some kind of restraining order! Frustration and aggression increase then some men do break down and even less will resort to violence but after making it a nationwide issue, the few cases that do result in horrific events can now be used to created better propaganda having better graphic and horrific images. Use the few events to scare the emotional weak minds into siding with the issues as was originally intended and now you can then pass harsher laws that were already sitting in the politician’s desk. The harsher laws (why do sharks fight back) make things worst by creating stiffer fines, less time for fathers to be with or see their children, that even a few more men then before will resolve to extremes. Repeat the process and you have a nationwide epidemic.

This scenario is normally referred to as PRS (Problem-Reaction-Solution type schemes) and also normally known as “Controlled Chaos” The agency that mysteriously and suddenly comes up with the solution was the one that actually created the problem but wait for the reaction. Usually the reaction is a cry for help from the weak and gullible. Frustration-aggression and Fear are the driving mechanism to force-a-divorce on the average American family.

Remember like the frog in the boiling pot, brainwashing is done very slowly and very subtly; this is call classical conditioning (Pavlov); completely brainwashed means to be fully indoctrinated that you now believe everything you been fed and even start to preach the same lies. Basically someone who eats somebody else’s vomit and then regurgitates it and now expects somebody else to swallow it too.


Most Policemen (the ones that were not kicked out of the police academy early for questioning) are conditioned to believe that DV really exist thus they actually complicate things by alienating fathers from their children and then unknowingly make them the scapegoats. The policemen are also told to refer wives to women shelters or many other sources where they are assisted with divorce proceedings. Ironically policemen are so unaware that this is same or a similar modified scheme used against them, why else do you think they also have such a high divorce rate! Furthermore most of the conditioning for policemen was done and completed while they were in the military as many are ex-military service members.

It is mostly based on fear but not 100%, we must realize that men seek mostly sex in marriage while women seek security. These are both basic human needs as describe by Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs. Since the public is led to believe that the Police job is truly to “serve and protect” the idea but subliminal propaganda which women accept believing that they will be getting more security from a government agency. Blindly women swap their allegiance from their husbands to the government or at least it’s representative.


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Part II. The Terror Tactics and Other Esoteric Inner Workings of Covert Illuminati Style Psychological Behavior Modifications: Mental Manipulations Through Emotional Exploitation

I.  Historical Background and the Actual Theoretical Concepts Used to Create The Psychological Scheme

The scheme relies heavily on Ivan Pavlov’s classical psychology experiment in conditioning to produce behavior modification and more precisely the accidental discovery of psychological trauma inflicted on the dogs during a flood! The scheme incorporates and is re-enforced by Josef Mengele (Auschwitz’s Angel of Death) unethical torture experiments as further proof that by psychological trauma/terror, emotionally weak people (in this case women) will more effectively and expediently accept whatever behavior modifications these type of sociopaths want to condition their victims to! As such this scheme is how the military has been able to do intense brainwashing including the forcing of millions of divorces since before 1960 until the present! Sigmund Freud’s Frustration Aggression drive theory is the foundation and it is actually used twice in two different ways in the scheme. First level is that to be able to implement the Forced Divorce on soldiers, the people that developed it had to have high enough psychological as well as spiritual understanding of fear induce false propaganda to then create actual events that the propaganda warns against. It is a psychological scheme designed much like a type of a self-fulling prophecy.


           The latest modification of this evil scheme was implemented around 1992 when the NATO governments decided to use the military to orchestrate its global New World Order agenda. Sociopaths realized that they would be fighting too many conflicts so decided it was time to use their latest psychological wonder weapon. Many of the concepts employed by the scheme were discovered or created by pioneers in the field of psychology. The military has spent billions of dollars to coupled these concepts together into one huge evil brainwashing scheme and has even modified it many times to improve or conceal it better. Since they have also had it reviewed by thousands of their greatest minds while being used for the last 50 years, the military did think that there would anybody alive who would be able to see and understand, much less verbalize or document it well enough to expose it. The information has been secretly passed among many Godly people waiting for the right time for when people themselves would be able to believe it and help unleash and spread it as this was not the case over seven years ago. Godspeed!

Divorce II projected

In depth it is a circular self-feeding biofeedback psychological scheme. During the second go around in the cycle, the second level of the Frustration Aggression drive theory is actually misrepresented in all Domestic Violence propaganda which makes sense to most people reading it at face value. Millions of women at military JAG offices and other social service or women studies centers are “vaguely taught” the “violent male” half-lie; however, they are not taught how their own emotions work. This exactly the goal as the scheme initially relies primarily on women’s fear based emotional instability. It is this collective fear that is creating and propagating the chain reaction epidemic. On the surface, at face value, Domestic Violence propaganda, to any highly emotional non-logical individual (mostly the female gender) it is somewhat logical enough. Basically, the propaganda is attributing or showing only the male half of “It Takes Two to Tango.” In Pavlov’s style conditioning, men have been anchored to violence through the widespread propaganda/ hysteria and with the CIA NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) coined catchphrase “DOMESTIC VIOLENCE” that within itself suggests that violence is within or start in the home. If a husband & wife are the ones who live within the home and if vicious propaganda says men are the culprits, women (especially the weaker minded) will naturally and extremely easily believe this too! In the female mind the active neurons are set up as a few densely pack clusters which makes them very sensitive to information immediately this is call emotion processing while in the male brain the active neurons are set up in an array of many but much smaller neuron clusters spread out over the entire brain. This make the male thought process less sensitive but he has better sequential or predictive abilities, this is call logic. You can see how the brain works for each of the genders from their reading of this information. Men will absorb it slow and then eventually understand most of it while women will be shocked initially as their brain will not be able to handle or predictive massive sequential/logical input initially until after the emotions subside.

           Just as the catholic church in power orchestrated the inquisition and the witch hunts in the 1200s, modern government powers have essentially created a reverse male witch-hunt to achieve global objectives. Furthermore, the subliminal propaganda is now so widespread that it has been subconsciously ingrained into the majority of females’ minds. The way it works is when they get into a minor verbal confrontation with their boyfriend/husband certain residue subconscious memory-based triggers go off and the wheels are set in motion. These triggers are how the Frustration-Aggression theory is coupled with Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. The minor verbal confrontations triggers 2nd level needs of “Safety and security” that overwhelm their third level needs of companionship/“belonging” and fourth level needs of family unity. Basically if you stack things up and then you remove the bottom one, it creates a cascading effect where all the higher objects collapse as well. The evil scheme is designed to basically displace the institute of marriage with a women’s concern for her safety and security. The media is further adding to the propaganda/hysteria by broadcasting only the extreme cases. As more people get affected, the whole scheme gains momentum and grows from a small vortex like process into a huge hurricane-like evil monster destroying anyone in it’s pass that what you get is a rampant divorce epidemic.


In short Domestic violence is a perverted psychological half-truth to induce some type of mental manipulation that in some books would be referred to as mind control or mind rape. Mind rape would be more appropriate because this scheme is nothing more than mental manipulation through emotional exploitation of the weaker vessel. Basically this evil plot is using the same old biblical tools of the devil that is responsible for original sin– exploiting the females’ physiological weakness, her emotions. However, the main difference is that it more specifically producing psychological trauma/terror through primordial fear (Maslow’s 2nd level needs of safety and security) to displace family and marriage (i.e. 3rd level needs of love and belongingness). This is done by anchoring and associating the fear/trauma through extensive grey/black NLP propaganda (CIA terms) against the husbands/all men. Grey propaganda or diversion the term by which the CIA deceives their victims into believing that information (usually lies) are coming from a different source other than from the real one! This is the reason why most husbands and wives see the other spouse as the cause to their problems and then this adds to the frustrations between them which helps generate the statistics that then fuel the DV LIE.

Few men and women have already started to see past this Big DV Grey Lie but they have not been able to pinpoint the actual source. As a result many have started to blame (backlash) against the feminists. However, these are not all true feminist but just clueless recruits with chips on the shoulders to do the studies/research with CIA style loose statistics to produce stern supporters which then compel other women to work harder/faster to produce the wanted results. Still a smaller percentage of people have seen beyond this and have started to blame lawyers, judges, even psychologists that is why many people in these occupations have been killed, lashed out, or threaten. This is also partially true, but an even lesser minority has pinpointed the culprit to the highest level of government. It had to be legislated and passed as a law by old and decrepit Congressmen and then adjudicated to be constitutional by the Not-So-Supreme Court before it could be enforced by federal, military, and civilian police under the Executive branch. However even before that, it was created by international collaboration of satanist at undisclosed think-tanks to be used by Pentagon and every NATO member nation. Even the UN has been pushing for universal passage of these unethical laws globally under the pretense that it is trying to protect women or give then more rights.

The phrase Domestic Violence is itself an NLP psychological catch phrase to associate the worst kind of fear with the home. This propaganda is then further reinforced through pamphlets and mass media. Based on Freudian and statistics only a tiny percentage of the population/couples would not have the proper coping skills. As couple live together, the grow and mature gradually so over time they would be able to deal with most problems that come up. It is a simple part of live that maturity and intelligence come with age so under normal conditions without any external interference the longer the couple stay married the less likely the possibility that minors problems could escalate and result in some form of violent confrontation between them. However, the media has exploiting the small number of incidents and showing them repeatedly to produce in more hysteria/fear. Unscrupulous media have willing cooperated to feed this chain reaction resulting in a rampant epidemic- the millions of deaths plus the complete destruction of whole families!


II.  The Application Of How The Theory Is Actually Implemented In The Military By Different Agencies.

The military-Pentagon’s development of their unconstitutional and unethical psychologically designed Forced Divorce scheme is a continuation and modification of several programs dating back before 1961. The most common back then was the hundred of thousands of “Dear John letters” during the Vietnam war. This is their latest phase and it the most incomprehensible of evils that could have only be pushed out by twisted satanic sociopaths. Portions of DV scheme are ruthlessly implemented prior to ETS dates or War deployments as part of their force retention program. According to pentagon sociopaths, single men make better soldiers or at least less expensive liabilities during wartimes thus the common phrase if “Uncle Sam wanted you to have a wife, he would have issue GI Joe one.”

There are many paths from the outer parts of the city to the downtown center. Similarly not every divorce case will be identical but all have many similarities. Any major survey of families that went through a divorce while one spouse was part of the military, will reveal and confirm at the very minimal, all the shocking truths described below.

Initially it involves persistently anchoring/adding Negative Emotional Stimulus as soon as any woman become part of the military system as either soldiers or military spouses. This eventually produce some sort of depression or bipolar manifestation that transform itself into psychological trauma for both female soldiers and wives. It does not matter if female soldiers are not married as many will get married while in service and the ones that do not still become unknowing agents that can spread propaganda. The military’s goal is to produce escalating frustrations within the family and specifically by turning spouses against each other (mainly females against their husbands). By keeping a history or by fabricating lies through their deceptive Family Advocate Programs such as the Social Services, Federal/Military Police, Company and battalion commanders, and even the chaplain’s office through video taping, they then proceed to blackmail, scam, threaten, or do anything possible to harass either one or both husband and wives. Neither spouse knows what the other is going through as the first step of the process in the separation through Machiavellian restraining orders, moving the military member into the barracks and threaten the non-military spouse not to back back on base.

Most military families are in the service because of some difficulty prior to joining the military. One of the most common is financial issues so many young mostly enlisted families are struggling to support the families financial needs. When frustrations arise, stay at home wives will always go to the commander which is basically one of the ways the whole divorce scheme is initially put into play. Many wives don’t know what they have done but military husbands are slap with letters that hurt them for promotions etc.

Over 40% of problems between military spouses are due to financial issues. If couple is already separated, the battalion or company commander or even a member of JAG will instruct the soldier to not providing any financial assistance to the spouse until after a certain day such as the 5th or 6th after the month. This is how that military member gets in trouble for he is told that he should be aware of all military regulations and that UCMJ states that the military service member is responsible for covering any financial issues regarding his family as soon as he is paid. The military will immediate file criminal Family Financial Irresponsibly charges against him because the wive has been directed to go to JAG to file a complaint letter. Special sensitivity and military legal class at JAG indoctrinate wives as soon as they are part of the military system on how to create problems for themselves and the whole family. However they do not understand what they get themselves into until it too late. If during these initial events both spouses remain clueless but blame the other for all the problems and issues mount, even if no other agency or police are involved, JAG lawyers are there to draft and expedite any divorce proceeding that are them pushed out to civilian lawyers to complete the process.

The first part of the military divorce scheme, especially if the wife is the military service member and the husband a civilian, will be an Administrative Error by federal or military police from the Provost Marshal which will always result in some false criminal allegations. Normal it is federal police that deal with the civilian spouse. Once the administrator error lie is in place as a police document, a special CRC (case review committee) will give the go ahead for every other agency involved to release any documentation concerning the two spouse, regardless of any confidentiality agreements, as there is evidence of criminal actions which takes precedence over all other issues. When this happens, most civil lawyers can not do anything to help you until criminal issues have been resolved. This is a military employed time draining tactic against the spouse as most divorces can be finalized by corrupt Judges in many states within 60 days even if contested. Most husbands would not be able to see all the scheming, all the lies, and understand what is going on to find two lawyers one to resolve a criminal case and another to deal with the civil divorce case.

Military ID are issued to spouses through an act of congress and thus only a congressmen can actually take away that privilege however the lowest enlisted military police (MPs) are used as scapegoats to tell non-military spouses not to come back on base.

A Zero Tolerance policy is designed to quickly put the scheme into action while the “leave your problems at home” verbal policy is done to silence the multitude of victims to avoid others from hearing and learning what is going on. This is in case they know of other similar victims, their friends going through similar problems, or that eventually they themselves will go through it. The more people this happens to and they start to talk, the sooner many will know what has being going on, how drastic and widespread it is, who is involved, and for how long it has all been happening. Secrecy in the military is vital to avoid exposing all the evil that the institution along with the government does to it own citizens.

While this is going, difference agencies pretend to take each of the spouse’s side to extract information to further incriminate one or both if they manage to find out what is actually going on. After a divorce is finalized, part of the force retention program is for the military to informed him that because of his legal/criminal issues he will probably not be able to get a decent job out in the civilian sector. Depending on how much information each individual does find out, some will go AWOL, some will commit suicide and still a few will commit some atrocities against fellow military members especially those he knew were part of the scheme to destroy him and his family. A few those that did not find out the truth will see no sweeter option but remain in the current hell hole that he initially signed up for.

All of these mentioned agencies plus the company & battalion commanders contribute by also alienating both spouses from each other through Military Protection Orders, etc to keep them from finding out the truth. They unethically even use the Chaplains office to set up a machine to hypnotize victims into subconsciously bringing out any family issues which are also video taped as counseling sessions that will eventually be acquired by the police (as a result many Chaplains resigned). Furthermore they then manipulate the wife into believing that her husband is crazy/ unstable due to military stress. Finally the Divorce Assembly line ensures the Army’s ultimate goal of them not being legally responsible to provide any lifelong compensation (DIC) to the divorced spouse/wife to which she would have been entitled if she remained married and her husband died in war or while on duty or decrease any compensation to one half to now single soldier if he became incapacitated!


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Part III. Henry Kissinger’s Part in 50 Year Old Covert World Wide Social Re-engineering Through Esoteric Tactics, Grey Psy-Ops, Mental Manipulations (Male), Emotional Exploitation (Against Females)

Disputation of Doctor Edmond Dantès on the Power and Efficacy of Spiritual, Psychological, and Physical Oppression on Citizens Throughout The World
July 77, 7888

Out of love for the truth and the desire to bring it to light, the following expositions regarding all the suffering, broken families, runaways, homelessness plus any additional fallout from the current civilian, military, and governmental secret and not-so-secret processes are here brought forth in the name our Lord. Amen.

Henry Kissinger.. “Military men are dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns for foreign policy.”

((1)) The secret development and subtle implementation of “controlled chaos psychological schemes” through the fear activated domestic violence scheme coupled with frustration-aggression Forced-A-Divorce for at least the last 50 years. Both done through the Problem-Reaction-Solution process and legislated and passed at the national level by unscrupulous members of congress (by select committee) to conceal the true source of the conspiracy which has been responsible for thousand of actual deaths while turning millions of spouses against each, destroying families, followed by years of both short-term and long-term psychological damage for every member of the family!

((2)) This evil has resulted in irreversible both short-term and long-term psychological damage and many other mental health issues| as well as extreme traumas for every member of the family. The most obvious one being those: A) affecting women such as 1 of 5 suffering from bipolar (NIH statistics) B) the permanent scars on highly impressionable young children which can have 3rd generational impacts when it affects their adult life and thus cycles down to their children as well all due to the evil scheme repleted with almost uncompromisable pathological lies! All these schemes designed to, among the many other goals, so the government can accomplish force retention of current military men and to augment the number of soldiers when young men and women would rather leave their ravish home due to all the family problems all for evil imperialistic goals.

((3)) The suppression of the whole American economy through the interest rates, inflation, regulations and any other means to squeeze citizens toward the military recruiting offices to serve in imperialistic invasions or to squeeze them toward police jobs to increase the size and efficiency of the police state.

((4)) The issues regarding deliberate entrapment by regular police in the civilian sectors and by both federal police and military police against husband and wife each agents used against one or the other spouse depending on which spouse is the civilian and which is the service member. Their man purpose to instigate, provoke, harass, separate spouses, and ultimately to fabricate false allegations against usually one spouse normally the husband. In military bases, this too is done under false pretext of Federal Trespassing and Harassing Communication, the military’s version of stalking to justify a civil protection order, to also force the divide-n-conquer tactic to separate spouses.

((5)) Additionally, although it does happens many times, the police conspire and plant any and all type of evidence or facilitate for psychologists to influence children into believing that all kinds of child indecencies have occur. Too many stories around military bases suggest the military police and also civilian police are using child pornography as false evidence to entrap not only fathers but also any male and especially uncooperative service members. This also include the collusions between police authorities and Child Protection Services (CPS) for the same purposes.

((6)) The individual and cumulative combined used of many different civilian, federal, and even military entities, personnel, tools, and “weapons” especially those develop for war which is explicitly forbidden under the U.S. Constitution that are being used against whole families -husbands, wives, children, and now even their pets. Using all these as weapon especially against civilians and most importantly against the children while knowing of the drastic emotionally, physical, financial, and psychological consequences as per the military’s use of a psychiatrist or psychologist to be the lead person of the CRC (Case Review Committees) to act as a “break” to suggest that any or all agencies back off when the families are under too much strain versus have the lead person be a federal police agent, a military police, a JAG officer, or even a chaplain, etc! Apparently these lead people are incompetent otherwise the military would not have had all those spouses killing each other. The most drastic case being that of the deaths of the four wives within seven weeks by their special forces husbands at Fort Bragg.

((7)) Endangering the emotionally, physical, financial, and psychological well-fair of every family member including children combined with tactics to foment racial prejudice among military service members! This including ignoring any or multiple requests to the Family Advocacy social workers department who were more interested in psychologically persuasive/manipulative lies to force a divorce! Additionally using or switching the social workers from one race to a different one when the person seeking help and the social worker are of the same race to create racial tensions.

((8 )) Having JAG lawyers initiate and facilitate divorce packets at Tax Payers expense and then providing the spouses with list of “recommended attorneys” those being the ones with which the JAG system is conspiring with. Civilian legal businesses (such as the larger Barbara Weaver wife of retired military general and Dan Corbin law offices) just to name a few who being ex-JAG military lawyers or family member of high ranking military officials know exactly what the military is doing to countless family and how it is doing it. Regardless they have continued to follow through to benefit financially by the countless victims paying attorney fees to get screwed even more.

((9)) Then there is all the unscrupulous Judges at local and district offices around every military institution who know all these too well through seeing the constant flow of cookie cutter divorces yet still go along with it. Basically many government entities have been working together to create and set up cabalistic extensions for the system to further expedite the divorce processes while racking up millions of dollars from the suffering of others. Incestuous relationships between the military, executive, legislative, judicial and many legal businesses exist around every military base and in many cities have contribute to the control and oppression. The workings between them are not obvious for the whole efforts are usually compartmentalized, such as this scheme, to avoid spouses and the public from understanding or putting the pieces together and thus exposing scheme.

((10)) The financial ruin of so many civilian and military families having to go through a divorce from as far back as 1961 which has manifested itself outside almost every Army/ military base as the proliferation of so many pawn shops from spouses trying to get rid of all horrific memoirs of their spouses or from trying to sell what ever little they have just to survive economic uncertainty!

((11)) The high divorce rate also leads to most couples trying to sell their homes as a way to obtain money to get as soon and as far away from each other as possible. This creates a high turn over and many empty houses on the market around the military bases. The Government came up with two schemes: A. One was courses to get a real estate license for “qualifying” soldiers or family members to help with eliminating the excess evidence from being out of the open for extended periods of time. B) The other was the VA house loans as a way to encourage soldiers to hurry an buy a house thus also helping to swallow up all the evidence from so many drastic divorces.

((12 )) The life-long effect this scheme has on families and especially the military veterans especially the males that have had to beg at so many major street intersections for meager handouts after financial collapse and the other tactics employed to discredit or prevent them from exposing these evils!

(13)) Plus the countless homeless military veterans on the streets who figured out part of this information before from as far back as 1962 and thus they were left to hang (broken financially, mentally, emotionally, and sometimes also physically) plus to serve as reminders to others what will happen to them if they try to go public!

((14)) This evil scheme is also responsible for not just the deaths of the four wives at Fort Bragg but for many other mysterious deaths and other at the hands of frustrated spouses and it continues to happen in and around the military bases as well as the off post communities surrounding most military bases. A few years back, police sirens could contently be heard especially during the start of the weekend though now they have changed their tactics by not turning them on as often.

((15)) This is just one of many other high level schemes that are not related unless you can count that they are all created by the government or secret committees within it using people-taxpayers’ money to further oppress or enslave them, rob them or dumb them down, or keep them sickly and then send them early to their death.

These are just a few of not so well known actual everyday occurrences affecting the average citizens today. This just adds to the multitude of other issues that already exist and are well documented or known by the population.

Gen Smedley Butler, USMC. Author of War is a Racket: The Antiwar Classic by America’s Most Decorated Soldier

“I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”



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