Historical and Anatomical Workings Of Ancient and Modern Witch Hunts And The Reasonings For Their Creation- Their Order Out Of Your Chaos

Crucible Accused 2

It could be any organization such as a church or any other type of religious entity, and most likely a government institution. Still from the beginning of time, historically the Church was the Supreme Government; the Government was the Supreme Church and nobility were the members of society who had relatives within both of these institutions. It is easier to work with events that have already happened and that most people have some knowledge about. For that reason any religion and any church could lend itself to the process of a historical examination.

There are many political and financial dealings descending upon the unsuspecting masses in modern days that could fill an entire room in a library. The section below is more of special selection designed to impart just some lesser known historical truths that will hopefully reveal light as to how some schemes are employed on modern society using the smaller churches working up to the larger institution. This can apply to most unscrupulous organizations as they too used some modified schemes of the ones mentioned below.

At the simplest lowest levels, churches  do not “rob” but “collect” the tithe (used as some form of tax) from the many and use this collective resource to set up one individual, one family, or a few “key individuals” into a business not for helping or reinvesting into the whole church or community but for selective individuals coming out ahead financially better off than the rest of the congregation. The “priest” then proceeds to promote that entity (individual, family, etc) about how smart and hard working they are and more importantly about how active they always were supporting the “church” that led to God choosing them to bestow such a blessing of running the business usually a grocery store or restaurant. In this instant the phrase is specifically designed to “motivate” the rest (brainwashing) to work harder and give plenty more donations in the hope of being blessed into “owning” a similar business.

We can find many cases where there are churches that also try to wine and dine, (lure) only the richest of individuals to their congregations or synagogues. There are those that go after older and elderly people who do not have any living relatives or relatives living near them or with them. They initially cater to them hoping to get them to surrender their check books or talk them into financially sponsoring major projects.

Then there are those temples that are set up as ashrams who go out after the same people who are in their 60’s or older and promise them a permanent dwelling and food (donated at that) in exchange for their land or home. These victims many times do not have a strong spiritual background. As a result, they struggle when they start living such a lifestyle of intense  “spiritual” chores combined with daily indoctrination. This system can eventually take a heavy told on the weaker minded individuals. These individuals break down and while not “in their right mind” start saying or doing things exposing what they have seen over many months or years. They wind up falling out of favor with the high clerics or their appointed administrative  pawns. Almost all major religions have had or have such systems in place as to try to wash their hands of any non-humane activities.  Still normally it is their appointed pawns who have the unfortunate task of running off this type of people from the sanctuary grounds. There have many too instances that once the person surrenders their assets, money, land, or home, that these events happens.

Ironically, members of the clergy themselves will go through similar “spiritual” sicknesses but they will normally not be kicked out. The religious system in place is less likely to kick out one of their own as that person (usually he) might know too much already. Some religions have even set up special hospitals initially sponsored and paid for by regular people, but those that paid and any other non-clergy are not permitted care in those facilities. There are special circumstance and secrets that those religions do not want the average person to know about.

Finally, there is the system setup to prevent exactly what happened to Martin Luther (in the 1500s). Spirituality (call it the holy spirit, etc) can descend upon any individual and this usually happens during hard times and when the ruling or governing institutions are oppressing the masses. Out of no where, any person can “AWAKEN” to the truth. This process is not an instantaneous event that occurs from one minute to the  next. The process can be a long drawn out experience that may last many days, weeks, or even month or years. That person could be bed ridden for some time. The “Holy” Roman Catholic Church was very aware of how spiritual awakenings happens and thus instituted a process where they would come to bless the “sick” person. They could not depend on the average family member traveling long distances to inform a priest for just simple sickness and priests themselves were not about to go out inquiring about who was sick. Instead they implement what in the 21st century would be called crowd-sourcing.  They created a drastic lie based on fear (fear mongering) where the family was to inform a priest of any sickness so that the church could perform sacred rituals and bless the sick person. The Church stressed that this process was crucial for salvation and well being of anyone around them as “spiritually sick” people are too weak to resist the ways of the Devil and would bring death and other calamities to the families or the whole town.

Written Historical Truths In The Bible Used Against The People

Most religious organizations by the 1500s had historical records (Biblical as well) and thus understood how religions started, grew, or perished and usually because of one man. There already was the example of how Jesus had practically destroyed the Rabbinical religion of His time. They were not into letting history repeat itself. During the visiting of the sick, the higher members of the church would asses the situation. If they suspected that a person might be going through a spiritual awakening, many times they would simply try to get rid of that person as soon as possible.  Some people eventually realized what was going on and wanted to avoid anything that had to do with the church or its “special” blessings. The Cathars, along with other sects, were practically extinguished for going against the church.  As more and more “spiritually sick” persons started to act with much reservations toward church officials and priests, it was then easy for the church proceed to declare them as heretics or of being “possessed” by demonic spirits. The more unwilling the person was with the clergy, the more credibility the church got from the family members who could not yet see the higher truths. The more vocal or aggressive individuals toward the church became the poster children by which the church made the rest of society believe in what they were doing.

The practice exorcisms was already in existence but they soon instituted their own version on how to perform it.  The practice was “ancient and part of the belief system of many cultures and religions. Depending on the spiritual beliefs… it was usually done by causing the entity to swear an oath, performing an elaborate ritual, or simply by commanding it to depart in the name of a higher power. ” (Wikipedia). Many times, depending on the case, the new practice was performed behind closed doors, with some sort of caution tape warning, away from the eyes of unsuspecting family members. The “special” victims many times were tied down and it was during the times that the “priest” would force some of spiritual awakening bigger threats to drink slow time-release poisons!  The person would slowing “die from trying to fight the demons”.   Thousand of spiritual awakening individuals would perish in this fashions until the inquisitions became a far more effective process when anyone, in addition of being accused of being possessed, could also be accused of protecting or conspiring with witches or Satan.  It could be stated that this was essentially a scheme designed to get rid of any potential future prophet.

Not until 1517, their worst nightmare would eventually come true when Martin Luther, a member from within their own church, woke up and saw things as they really were. He essentially posted his Ninety-Five Theses stating what he saw wrong with the teachings and workings of the Church. The church quickly moved to try to get him to recant his views. When he refused, the church unsuccessfully tried to do anything and everything to get rid of him; this eventually leading to the Protestant Reformation- a second major schism within the Holy Roman Government/Church.

The same process of using the fear and the crowd-sourcing of the masses to turn in their neighbors or other family members would be use again and again many times. It was used when the church implemented the Inquisitions plus the many witch hunts from the 1200s until almost the 1900s. People still don’t understand how the psychological process (a form of brainwashing) is orchestrated and thus the public continue falling prey to it. Many variations of these schemes continue to be use repeatedly throughout history. In fact, many have already started to point out that the PTSD along with other family violence legislation follow a similar scheme. However, the psychology (superstition) is newer more advanced. It uses economic hardship and older tactics such infidelity to create emotional chaos first through the wife and then spilling over to the rest of the family. It then uses Machiavellian tactics through a civil protection order to separate the spouses who had already been brainwashed to fight with each other. Most of the subtle subliminal propaganda is out throughout the 365 days of year but it is bombarded more during the month of October knowing that during November, December and part of January, is the time when most Americans spend considerable amount of time together. When better to have them constantly bickering or fighting with each other. Right after this time period is when most marriage end in divorce!  Chaos brings uncontrollable emotions and thus more chaos, and biofeedback psychological scheme. Through constant chaos at the family level, those in power achieve and retain their control and order. Order out of Chaos.

All organizations professing to be sacred and holy, even governments, fall into spiritual decay, they stop being about religion (the land, its people, and justice) and then it become an industry- an invisible blood sucking entity. A huge cash-cow generating billions of dollars, most of this to conceal the system from the people, to better enslave them, to make the whole scheme more efficient, and make it bigger by exporting it to other victims.




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