Part I. The Terror Tactics and Other Esoteric Inner Workings of Covert Illuminati Style Psychological Behavior Modifications: Mental Manipulations Through Emotional Exploitation

   Jaws 31     Jaws screen3

Case 1 – Allegorical Parable:

The Movie Jaws (a form of Media) is Pavlov style repeatedly anchoring of a shark to shallow water; then a repeated scene of sun bathers at the beach subliminally anchored the deep water habit of sharks to the beach. Add a violent and horrific scene just once and the fear makes the whole stick like super glue! Repeat it a few times and it become gospel! Superstition- that is a sewing together or super-stitching of many things that are just not logically possible. The consequences are that most people associate the beach with violent killer sharks and “magically” the beaches are empty of it residents. Sadly most people do not give it enough thoughts that sharks that size would hardly come that close to the shallow waters of the sandy beaches. The process and consequences are due to fear induced hysteria which is what causes rumors to propagate so effectively. If this is done intentionally, it is call fear-mongering or exploiting the emotional balance and well being of gullible or highly illogical beings. The is psychological Terror Tactics by which Josef Mengeles, the angel of death, is famous for. Regardless whether in media and not real life, before long people or men at a beach while trying to protect others will begin to retaliate by going after sharks; sharks will get mad and maybe then some will start to fight back; possibly some really do start to eat people too! It can also be stated that this could have been done to turn one species against another or meaning the use of the Machiavellian concept of divide and conquer. A clear way to get rid of both some sharks and some men too.

Fear based trauma jaws

Logical Analysis:

Few people are naturally able to really understand the simple example below. For that reason the psychology department at the United States Military Academy at West Point as well as all other service academies spends a significant amount of time teaching the concept of cause and effect.

Cause and Effect? Can events can be presented out of sequence where the effect (the future) is disguised to be the cause (past event or even something presently happening)?

Basically we have two pairs of events (two chain segments) such as E1→E2 and then E2→E3 which can also be seen as three events in sequence (one longer chain) E1→E2→E3 Now Look at it as two segments A & B, the start of each segment is the Cause and the end is the Effect. Note that E2=Effect A=Cause B. Both are actually the same event just the words “In Fear” left out for simplicity.

Cause A: Media Trauma creates a fear and belief.   Effect A: In Fear Men go after and attack/kill sharks!

Cause B: Men go after and attack/kill sharks!           Effect B: Sharks do not want to be attack, fight back

Cause A and Effect B are nearly identical such that in both Sharks fight, attack, and maybe even kill except that one actually happened while the other one was a Media presentation that did not actually happened. If we remove the “minor detail” or difference of one not being real, we could then swap them easily.

Example of Sequence of events flipped in time (presented verbally) where Effect B happens first then it creates Cause B thus would it appear logical to say That Sharks attack first; Then this is justification for Men to retaliate and kill sharks!

Yes the sharks attacked first if we assume we are talking about the Movie however this fact was intensionally left out. Now this would be more realistic if people were not present or distracted in the beginning thus only saw the part of the movie where the sharks attack people. They were intensionally deprive of any information revealing that this scene was part of a whole movie made for entertainment. Now Cause A is nearly indistinguishable from Effect B and Cause A the non-real media event could be easily swap, interjected, and/or presented as it was the real actual event until an actual real event happens much later when it can then also be interjected back. Finally the unreal even Cause A can be hidden or destroyed as it never happened since now you have an actual real event to replace it with. Over time people we not bother to look for the true root cause and the whole process become circular. It becomes a self feeding chain reaction of event much like when you place a microphone next to a speaker. The smallest sound coming from the speaker it picked up by the microphone amplified and push out through the speaker to re-amplify it some more. However the amplification becomes to much and the speaker funnel rips or the higher frequency vibrations causes it to jam. So Cause and Effect can also be explained as which is the action and which is the reaction? Every action produces a reactions which then produces or reactions.

To explain more simply or better we take events E1→E2→E3 but described it as letters ABC (ABC) or as segment AB and segment BC. After flipping we can represented segment AB as CB which is actually a “misrepresented” since C and A are both very similar!

The most significant concept taught in the West Point leadership psychology department however is not just cause and effect but the concept of root cause and time flipping as was explained above.

Historical Background: Niccolo Machiavelli (The Prince around 1500s) suggested the concept of divide and conquer as the ideal tactic for a Prince to use to get rid or diminish the numbers of soldiers from two powerful and opposing enemies so that a he could then attack and easily conquer them both after the two had killed enough of each other’s soldiers. So could this tactic be used to turn one gang against another to reduce the number of delinquents? How about to turn two countries against each other; or within one nation two groups believing in two opposing ideologies or having two different labels. If the labels do not already exist, can they be bestowed upon them? Sun Tzu in the Art of War advocates to attack from within meaning have the enemy fight itself. Examples would include Korea into North & South Korea and Vietnam into Ho ChiMing Vietnam and US Vietnam. How about some thing much simpler like turning two persons against each other? How about if these two people live within the same house; better yet how about if they were a man and a woman and maybe even married to each other? It happens all the time! Could this be the same as when Jesus, said a house divide can not stand?

Case 2 – The Real World (Mostly in the US and other NATO countries):

Subliminally anchor violence to men through mass media; also add as much redundancy as possible by then also anchoring violence to the home. Since normally husbands and/or boyfriends naturally live in the home with their partner, violence in therefore again subliminally anchored to men again! Women panic after any verbal argument and call police who then kick husband out of their homes and keep them away from their “psychologically” unstable and paranoid wife who is left taking care of the children. Since men are natural protectors of their wife and children he becomes concern about about them both and comes to check on them thinking everything will now be fine. However he is then hit with another police call, stalking charges, and eventually some kind of restraining order! Frustration and aggression increase then some men do break down and even less will resort to violence but after making it a nationwide issue, the few cases that do result in horrific events can now be used to created better propaganda having better graphic and horrific images. Use the few events to scare the emotional weak minds into siding with the issues as was originally intended and now you can then pass harsher laws that were already sitting in the politician’s desk. The harsher laws (why do sharks fight back) make things worst by creating stiffer fines, less time for fathers to be with or see their children, that even a few more men then before will resolve to extremes. Repeat the process and you have a nationwide epidemic.

This scenario is normally referred to as PRS (Problem-Reaction-Solution type schemes) and also normally known as “Controlled Chaos” The agency that mysteriously and suddenly comes up with the solution was the one that actually created the problem but wait for the reaction. Usually the reaction is a cry for help from the weak and gullible. Frustration-aggression and Fear are the driving mechanism to force-a-divorce on the average American family.

Remember like the frog in the boiling pot, brainwashing is done very slowly and very subtly; this is call classical conditioning (Pavlov); completely brainwashed means to be fully indoctrinated that you now believe everything you been fed and even start to preach the same lies. Basically someone who eats somebody else’s vomit and then regurgitates it and now expects somebody else to swallow it too.


Most Policemen (the ones that were not kicked out of the police academy early for questioning) are conditioned to believe that DV really exist thus they actually complicate things by alienating fathers from their children and then unknowingly make them the scapegoats. The policemen are also told to refer wives to women shelters or many other sources where they are assisted with divorce proceedings. Ironically policemen are so unaware that this is same or a similar modified scheme used against them, why else do you think they also have such a high divorce rate! Furthermore most of the conditioning for policemen was done and completed while they were in the military as many are ex-military service members.

It is mostly based on fear but not 100%, we must realize that men seek mostly sex in marriage while women seek security. These are both basic human needs as describe by Maslow’s Hierachy of Needs. Since the public is led to believe that the Police job is truly to “serve and protect” the idea but subliminal propaganda which women accept believing that they will be getting more security from a government agency. Blindly women swap their allegiance from their husbands to the government or at least it’s representative.


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