Historical and Anatomical Workings Of Ancient and Modern Witch Hunts And The Reasonings For Their Creation- Their Order Out Of Your Chaos

Crucible Accused 2

It could be any organization such as a church or any other type of religious entity, and most likely a government institution. Still from the beginning of time, historically the Church was the Supreme Government; the Government was the Supreme Church and nobility were the members of society who had relatives within both of these institutions. It is easier to work with events that have already happened and that most people have some knowledge about. For that reason any religion and any church could lend itself to the process of a historical examination.

There are many political and financial dealings descending upon the unsuspecting masses in modern days that could fill an entire room in a library. The section below is more of special selection designed to impart just some lesser known historical truths that will hopefully reveal light as to how some schemes are employed on modern society using the smaller churches working up to the larger institution. This can apply to most unscrupulous organizations as they too used some modified schemes of the ones mentioned below.

At the simplest lowest levels, churches  do not “rob” but “collect” the tithe (used as some form of tax) from the many and use this collective resource to set up one individual, one family, or a few “key individuals” into a business not for helping or reinvesting into the whole church or community but for selective individuals coming out ahead financially better off than the rest of the congregation. The “priest” then proceeds to promote that entity (individual, family, etc) about how smart and hard working they are and more importantly about how active they always were supporting the “church” that led to God choosing them to bestow such a blessing of running the business usually a grocery store or restaurant. In this instant the phrase is specifically designed to “motivate” the rest (brainwashing) to work harder and give plenty more donations in the hope of being blessed into “owning” a similar business.

We can find many cases where there are churches that also try to wine and dine, (lure) only the richest of individuals to their congregations or synagogues. There are those that go after older and elderly people who do not have any living relatives or relatives living near them or with them. They initially cater to them hoping to get them to surrender their check books or talk them into financially sponsoring major projects.

Then there are those temples that are set up as ashrams who go out after the same people who are in their 60’s or older and promise them a permanent dwelling and food (donated at that) in exchange for their land or home. These victims many times do not have a strong spiritual background. As a result, they struggle when they start living such a lifestyle of intense  “spiritual” chores combined with daily indoctrination. This system can eventually take a heavy told on the weaker minded individuals. These individuals break down and while not “in their right mind” start saying or doing things exposing what they have seen over many months or years. They wind up falling out of favor with the high clerics or their appointed administrative  pawns. Almost all major religions have had or have such systems in place as to try to wash their hands of any non-humane activities.  Still normally it is their appointed pawns who have the unfortunate task of running off this type of people from the sanctuary grounds. There have many too instances that once the person surrenders their assets, money, land, or home, that these events happens.

Ironically, members of the clergy themselves will go through similar “spiritual” sicknesses but they will normally not be kicked out. The religious system in place is less likely to kick out one of their own as that person (usually he) might know too much already. Some religions have even set up special hospitals initially sponsored and paid for by regular people, but those that paid and any other non-clergy are not permitted care in those facilities. There are special circumstance and secrets that those religions do not want the average person to know about.

Finally, there is the system setup to prevent exactly what happened to Martin Luther (in the 1500s). Spirituality (call it the holy spirit, etc) can descend upon any individual and this usually happens during hard times and when the ruling or governing institutions are oppressing the masses. Out of no where, any person can “AWAKEN” to the truth. This process is not an instantaneous event that occurs from one minute to the  next. The process can be a long drawn out experience that may last many days, weeks, or even month or years. That person could be bed ridden for some time. The “Holy” Roman Catholic Church was very aware of how spiritual awakenings happens and thus instituted a process where they would come to bless the “sick” person. They could not depend on the average family member traveling long distances to inform a priest for just simple sickness and priests themselves were not about to go out inquiring about who was sick. Instead they implement what in the 21st century would be called crowd-sourcing.  They created a drastic lie based on fear (fear mongering) where the family was to inform a priest of any sickness so that the church could perform sacred rituals and bless the sick person. The Church stressed that this process was crucial for salvation and well being of anyone around them as “spiritually sick” people are too weak to resist the ways of the Devil and would bring death and other calamities to the families or the whole town.

Written Historical Truths In The Bible Used Against The People

Most religious organizations by the 1500s had historical records (Biblical as well) and thus understood how religions started, grew, or perished and usually because of one man. There already was the example of how Jesus had practically destroyed the Rabbinical religion of His time. They were not into letting history repeat itself. During the visiting of the sick, the higher members of the church would asses the situation. If they suspected that a person might be going through a spiritual awakening, many times they would simply try to get rid of that person as soon as possible.  Some people eventually realized what was going on and wanted to avoid anything that had to do with the church or its “special” blessings. The Cathars, along with other sects, were practically extinguished for going against the church.  As more and more “spiritually sick” persons started to act with much reservations toward church officials and priests, it was then easy for the church proceed to declare them as heretics or of being “possessed” by demonic spirits. The more unwilling the person was with the clergy, the more credibility the church got from the family members who could not yet see the higher truths. The more vocal or aggressive individuals toward the church became the poster children by which the church made the rest of society believe in what they were doing.

The practice exorcisms was already in existence but they soon instituted their own version on how to perform it.  The practice was “ancient and part of the belief system of many cultures and religions. Depending on the spiritual beliefs… it was usually done by causing the entity to swear an oath, performing an elaborate ritual, or simply by commanding it to depart in the name of a higher power. ” (Wikipedia). Many times, depending on the case, the new practice was performed behind closed doors, with some sort of caution tape warning, away from the eyes of unsuspecting family members. The “special” victims many times were tied down and it was during the times that the “priest” would force some of spiritual awakening bigger threats to drink slow time-release poisons!  The person would slowing “die from trying to fight the demons”.   Thousand of spiritual awakening individuals would perish in this fashions until the inquisitions became a far more effective process when anyone, in addition of being accused of being possessed, could also be accused of protecting or conspiring with witches or Satan.  It could be stated that this was essentially a scheme designed to get rid of any potential future prophet.

Not until 1517, their worst nightmare would eventually come true when Martin Luther, a member from within their own church, woke up and saw things as they really were. He essentially posted his Ninety-Five Theses stating what he saw wrong with the teachings and workings of the Church. The church quickly moved to try to get him to recant his views. When he refused, the church unsuccessfully tried to do anything and everything to get rid of him; this eventually leading to the Protestant Reformation- a second major schism within the Holy Roman Government/Church.

The same process of using the fear and the crowd-sourcing of the masses to turn in their neighbors or other family members would be use again and again many times. It was used when the church implemented the Inquisitions plus the many witch hunts from the 1200s until almost the 1900s. People still don’t understand how the psychological process (a form of brainwashing) is orchestrated and thus the public continue falling prey to it. Many variations of these schemes continue to be use repeatedly throughout history. In fact, many have already started to point out that the PTSD along with other family violence legislation follow a similar scheme. However, the psychology (superstition) is newer more advanced. It uses economic hardship and older tactics such infidelity to create emotional chaos first through the wife and then spilling over to the rest of the family. It then uses Machiavellian tactics through a civil protection order to separate the spouses who had already been brainwashed to fight with each other. Most of the subtle subliminal propaganda is out throughout the 365 days of year but it is bombarded more during the month of October knowing that during November, December and part of January, is the time when most Americans spend considerable amount of time together. When better to have them constantly bickering or fighting with each other. Right after this time period is when most marriage end in divorce!  Chaos brings uncontrollable emotions and thus more chaos, and biofeedback psychological scheme. Through constant chaos at the family level, those in power achieve and retain their control and order. Order out of Chaos.

All organizations professing to be sacred and holy, even governments, fall into spiritual decay, they stop being about religion (the land, its people, and justice) and then it become an industry- an invisible blood sucking entity. A huge cash-cow generating billions of dollars, most of this to conceal the system from the people, to better enslave them, to make the whole scheme more efficient, and make it bigger by exporting it to other victims.




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Neurogenesis – Oldest Simplest Spiritual Method- Faster Growth For Rewiring of Axon-Dendrite Terminal Roots Producing Highest Density Neural Brain Network: End The Dumbing Down of The Populace

neuron Growth cycle 2

        Probably the biggest problem of elderly people is that they do not realized that they are old (or been getting old for a while) and NOW cannot do many of same things they used to do so easily anymore (called Impotent Congressman Syndrome). Additionally most people by that age, know how to or are used to doing some kind of manipulations to get their way or to where they are at. They are used to being parents and grandparents and relying on what ever means possible to get their way. However, their mental faculties are not 100% as good as they used to be BUT THEY DON´T realize this either. This is where many of the problem start for them and their families. Too many old people scheme but are easily found out and thus their children and people near them eventually do not want to put up with this tactics or them.


         Long standing Biblical and esoteric secrets can basically produces an almost infinite newer bio-neural array with unprecedented growth and the rearrangement of different parts of each individual neuron especially the Dendrite roots. Combined with proper nutrition and modern medical knowledge this could essentially extend the average life span well past the age of 180 years. This is done mainly through the raising of the average IQ into the Seventh Sigma portion of the bell curve. Additional benefits are infinite but at the very least improved short and long memory thus a much healthier longer life span. Dementia and Alzheimer’s could be delay until age 150 or above or even eradicated. However the major problems and why this information has been withheld is the added drain on already limited resources. If people live longer, they would basically consume more.


The Secrets are in Gardening


          The problem start with different plants in the garden. From seeds through germination and into full bloom, we could say that NO “fruit bearing trees nor wise plants” wants to talk and reveal their secrets. Humans themselves are not too smart either even after spending whole lifetimes tending to their plant’s care and seeing them go through the ebb and flow of the spring and winter season. They simply are not able to observe such obvious truths!


         First off right after germination the plants START to produce roots that extend outward and deep into the ground! This much we know and unless you dig plants up and replant them, not much else is revealed. Still from looking at what happens above ground one can discern some information. Just as new sprouts come during the spring and then the plant blossoms into full foliage; radiating leaves in every direction. Still when winter comes the smaller branches and most of the leaves just start to dry up, wither away, and finally fall off leaving a much smaller plant then what it was during the wet and full sunny months. Example a small tree could have been 3 feet tall during the this winter but through spring and the summer it might have grown to 8 feet but after the following winter it might have shrivel down to maybe 5 feet. The coming spring and summer it could grow to 13 feet and so on. This is a universal Fact: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, to infinity.


The Prophet


THE HIGHER TRUTH (a Dialectical Reflection): Basically the same thing is going on under the ground. Roots grow with the right amount of water and sunshine (heat energy) and shrivel down considerable during the extreme hot months with no water or during the extreme cold months. Some plants just don´t make it through some winters.


.Neural Growth New Age or IQs compared 2


         Spiritually gifted people have always outlived the average person. Even now the average lifespan for most people is between 65-75 years old. Over 2,500 years ago the Buddha lived to be 80 years old and going even further back 3,500 years ago, Moses lived until the age of 120 years old. Going even further back about 4,000 years Abraham lived 175 years, and “died in a good old age.”  These spiritual men were living at least 3 to 7 times longer than most people! What has happened since then…


         The problem with senior people is that they did not plan ahead in the their younger years as they are not aware; or are intentional not made aware of this. They make all kinds of planning especially financial but no mental or spiritual planning.


         First of all aging is just part of life! YOU will grow old, shrivel up physically and mentally, and then eventually die. This means that for 99% of the population WILL go through dementia and then eventually Alzheimer’s if you live long enough! Like the bell curve states you are born, you grow, you peak, then decay and die. Most spiritual people go through these stages, Abraham, Moses, Buddha, Mohammad, etc all went through these…except the rate of growth was faster, the peak was higher, stayed at the peak longer, and the decay was slower. It was a bigger and expanded bell curve for them.


The Not-So-Secret Secrets


       Still you can do a few simple and inexpensive investments to produce a longer, healthier and more mentally aware life style. It is not a coincidence than many religions have rituals revolving around FIRE and WATER. This is especially evident during the lent (fasting) seasons.



       First the brain WILL sprout new neuron synaptic root connections under the proper moist and warm conditions throughout its life and into the peak of adulthood UNTIL a certain spiritual metamorphosis (a stage of life) kicks in and then it all depends on the individual. Now the proper moist and warm conditions does not just mean drinking water although this liquid alone is the crucial elixir of life (ALL LIFE)! First Water prevents wrinkles and slows down the appearance of gray hair, thus it keeps people looking younger longer. Most importantly, Water mixed with the proper electrolytes enhance the ability of neuro-electrical signals to travel from one neuron to another. Fasting and lack of high fructose corn syrup dilute the percentage of fat and cholesterol in the brain fluid thus reducing any artificial “transmission barriers” between the synaptic gaps where electro-chemical neural communications takes place. Higher quality warm electrolyte fluid increases clarity of transmission by producing a “better bridge” for the electro-chemical discharge to reach its destination. Think of the natural process of cloud lightning trying to reach the ground; now image a dense foam covering the earth to absorb, dissipate, and therefore prevent the electro discharge interaction. This is what is happening when people have high fat percentage in the bodies. The fat act as a foam barrier between the transmitting and receiving parts of each neuron in the brain. Think about it- you have never nor will you ever see a fat prophet.


       Spiritual knowledge is very important but Heat (warmth) is the catalyst that is ever present but barely in the right quantity thus not so obvious an ingredient or factor. Just as people are taught to water plants a certain distance (radius) out from the plant to ¨encourage growth¨ similar a little stress works wonder on idle neurons! Basically stress translates into heat inside the brain. One can encourage growth through ¨artificial stress¨ which means instead of introducing actual stress into a person just introduce a little bit more heat!


The Aspects of Human Hair and Its Length Throughout History


        Heat: This is consistent with ALL pure religions that have not been adulterated. The two most obvious and common methods passed down from ancient times are the shaving of the head and the wearing of a turban. The two LOOK like completely different and opposite extremes until we realize what is truly going on. First we must understand that the hair is a natural HEAT SINK in the summer months when there is some breeze to carry away the collected heat that had travel up through the hair filament (conduction). Secondly the hair does the complete opposite but during the opposing time of the year. It is also a natural insulator as it first acts once again as a heat-sink. Secondly and because many times there is not much breeze in the coldest of days to take away the heat, the hair just flops down over the head producing a natural warm fur covering. Nature knows what it is doing! Example polar bears have long fur. Don’t let people try to fool you or tell you otherwise. The exceptions are when cold fronts and warm fronts meets to producing great turbulence and even tornadoes but this usually happens in the Spring and the Fall when conditions start to change.



         The shaving of the head in certain religions (especially eastern) such as by monks is done to remove the heat sink. When the hair is gone, most of the heat is unable to be absorbed as it travels up through the individual hair filaments to then be disperse by the wind. There is basically no mediums for conduction or convection to take effect. In more recent times this has been enhanced by some monks also applying some insulating and moisturizing lotion. The most common up to a certain time was Vaseline (artificial blubber). Some senior monks and even certain junior monks, without understanding why, go one step further and wear a warm woolen hat in addition.


         Unlike the East, the most common methods employ by the west consists mostly of wearing some type of insulator such as a turban or hood. Rabbi wear all black. Catholic and other priests even go a step further by wearing a full length BLACK robe. The reason for this is that the color Black naturally absorbs the most heat while the color white repels the most. The goal from their view is to increase the whole body temperature in the hope that some of the heat would be transfer to the brain through heated blood circulation.


parsuram 1n2


Other Historical Connections Between The East And The West


        The tradition of shaving the hair off evolved from the Hindu Yogis and earlier and became popular through the monastic casts of the Buddha, Mahavira, and other spiritual teachers around this time. There are stories that the Buddha cut his hair (not shave it) when He initiated his ascetic lifestyle. In contrast, few realize that the Buddha was a warrior prince. Then there are the Mongols and the Sikhs. Warriors along with nobility were considered free men and expected to dress as such. As in the West, long locks and facial hair was the norm for those of any Warrior cast.  Eastern ascetics such as Buddhist monks, who thinks of themselves as the epitome of free-men, believe that they are required to shave their hair to show detachment; but it is actually designed to be a contrasting symbol of obedience and servitude much like modern enlisted soldiers. The Buddha instituted the monastic temples for lowly run-of-the-mill “followers” (not leaders) to “surrender” themselves, much like Islam, into a life of spiritual growth. He was providing a save refuge to foster spiritual growth and expecting monks to come to certain realizations and then eventually awaken. Sadly even after meditating their whole lives in front of an image of the Buddha, with obvious curly hair, few monks question the fact why they have to shave their head while the Buddha himself has long hair, still many more doubt that He had any facial hair at at.

.Asian Warrior


       In the East, many Chinese, the Japanese Samurai (being among the most popular) as well as many other long haired warrior ethos have survived from antiquity and are accurately portrayed in modern historical documentaries. However, monks are expected to Learn, Memorize, Think, Mediate, all these eventually leading to Realizations and finally Enlightenment. Afterward they would then feel naturally compel to leave the Sangha and go into the world as truly free spiritual warriors and teachers.  This traditional connection between monks and free warriors was mostly forgotten until the re-introduction by the long-haired and bearded Bodhidharma who is best known as the founder of Shaolin Kung Fu. Most monks simply never put the pieces together or care to get off of institutionalized welfare! The Buddha never intended for ascetics to settle into live a life of excess at the expense of the communities. Trimmed-haired children as well as hairless babies stay at home with their parents, full haired young men should leave seeking freedom, hair signifies the difference between free men and children under the care of others.


Spartan Hoplite 2


          Furthermore, this fact is evident in western religious, spiritual, royal, and free men who did not normally shave their hair; however exceptions do exist. Only slaves and people enlisted into some kind of service, thus those who had no control over their own daily activities were required to shave their hair off by their masters. Natural long and usually free-flowing hair has always been synonymous with free men. The Biblical story of Samson affirms this view.  The leaders of the nations of the western world prides themselves in basing their forms of governments and following in many of the traditions of the great freedom-loving democracies that were the Greek Nation-States. However, one tradition that they do not want people to know, is that all the men of history’s first constitutional government, the Greek Spartans, one the greatest warrior societies, had very little possessions but one thing they all did have, was their long hair. The Spartans, who under Alexander the Great exported freedom throughout one of the greatest “empires” in history, called the hair the least expensive of decorations. Long Hair is the most natural insulator and the highest distinction of freedom thus it is no wonder that ancient prophets all had long hair.


.Small Hair cut



          It is never too late to improve the quality of a person’s life: ¨HEAT¨ and WATER produce neuron growth, proliferation of synaptic connections, and thus higher IQs that delayed and even slow down dementia and could prevent Alzheimer’s if started early in life!


         As the people progresses into senior age, they will begin showing signs of strange behavior. For people around them, friends and family, things will start okay, but then it will steadily get worst and worst. Their mind will regress to that of a child but their will remains strong as that of an adult.  Dementia will creep in and then when it manifests itself into full blown Alzheimer’s, it is almost too late. They will consistently make bad decisions and try to push their weight around without understanding the negative impact they will have on those around them.  Their children who are now adults and may have children of their own will have little choice but to place them in nursing home where most will wither and die. Financial burdens will mount; however, the elderly care system, Medicare, Medicaid, insurance companies, and all the bureaucracies are not their to help anyone any especially everyone!


         The opposite side-effects, for nearly everyone else before they reach old age, resulting from the lack of Nutrition, Water, and Heat either through shaving hair off, an insulating head covering, or lack of long hair could lead some to much lower IQs, shorter life spans, and in many instances to spiritual diseases such as depression, bi-polar disorders, heart attacks, brains strokes, and even PTSD that eventually could lead to homicide or suicide.



. Peace



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The Dialectically Infused & Compartmentalized Subliminal Indoctrination Psy-Ops

When you are so hungry and there is hardly any food anywhere around much less a whole full mean; then you have to satisfy your hunger by many smaller “piece meal” eatings if you can find them. This means you eat many times what ever you can find until the hunger is gone or you have enough energy to continue on your mission… i.e seven or many more snacks

So Basically Piecemeal means to do anything in smaller pieces.

This could also include:

1) Consciously taking in education, philosophies, ideas, etc. In this situation you know the information that you are absorbing; however you most likely will not be aware as to how the designers want all those pieces to be stitch together (modern superstition) but your brain is eventually going to put it all together! Most will react negatively.

2) Subconsciously taking in education, philosophies, ideas, etc. in as well after some entity has placed or position the pieces closer within your physical or mental grasp. The information could be coming into your brain through any one of your senses.


Still information itself can also be compartmentalize through different sense. Part of the whole concept could come through your eyes (by reading, TV, or pictures), some through your ears (clueless friends/ radio), some through your nose, some through your emotions, and some inverted through the dialectical six sense (i.e. a sunset) though your brain will see Dialectical Pairs such both (a sunset and the opposite a sunrise), and then the pieces of information could come through different periods of time very slowly. Here your brain IS THE FROG in the Pan! When it is cooked it means has been indoctrinated to believe the lies!  When such a silent weapon is applied gradually, the public adjusts/adapts to its presence and learns to tolerate its encroachment on their lives until the pressure (psychological, economical, legal, etc) becomes too great and they crack up.

Dialectical pairs: This is the key to ending suffering by being able to see the whole truth especially when it involves Subliminal Dialectical Pairs (SDP).  The Bible calls it discernment of spirits.

Like pieces of a puzzle coming together slowly over many days, weeks, months, even years. Then psychosis sinks in much like a child who has just discovered that their is no Santa Claus. Some people will experience hallucinations, others will become violent or experience multi-polar symptoms, still others much worst such as brain strokes or heart attacks!

The BRAIN  has basically created two complete Dialectical Views when it has PUT ALL THE INFORMATION TOGETHER!  Although Only one view is correct, the other one is a more intense highly crafted pathological lie. It is so subtle that at first only women with their higher density array of neurons can detect it. For the female mind it comes quickly thus they are the first ones to get affected. This higher density array of neurons is what produces what we call emotions. Man as they have a sequential array (call logic), they will eventually be able to detect but it will take more time. Usually by then it might be too late. If couple with some form of fear, the intended reflexion of a Subliminal Dialectical Pair will spread like wild fire eventually brainwashing all woman around you into believing that you are the worst person in the world!

Taking in things subconsciously (and you not being aware of this) is classified as compartmentalized subliminal indoctrination. It is one of the most subtle forms of brainwashing by natural human means.  All these cause unmistakable physical and mental damage, and interferes with the daily social lives of married couples.

The majority public cannot comprehend this weapon, and therefore cannot believe that they are being attacked and subdued.  They might instinctively feel that something is wrong, but this is because of the technical nature of the silent compartmentalized subliminal weapon. People cannot express their feeling in a rational way, or handle the problem with intelligence. Therefore (especially men), they do not know how to cry for help, and do not know how to associate with others to defend themselves against it. Women though, lacking logic, unaware of what is going on then desperately go crying for help to the side of those people who created the psy-ops scheme. However they have been lured and are now ready for the slaughter!

Lastly, there is torture and chemical and truth serum, hypnosis etc. The list is extensive. Still the more advanced would fall into the realm of psychotronic or other electro-frequencies modulations to interfere or injects ideas or emotions into the unsuspecting human mind.

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Starting To Work Toward Six or Seven Senses?

First in a Field Sobriety Test (FST), Detainees are not ask to grab and or feel something or themselves, (fondle etc,) unless they are crooked cops and these days the Departments are loaded with the “The Finest Men” a city has to offer.  Still police also do not conduct a FST to inquire about your nose being hot or cold etc.

    Drunk Police Cop Corrupt        Harrisburg DUI Lawyer explains Finger-to-Nose-Test

They simply ask the person to perform one action!  The action is that a person is required to touch his or her nose with eyes closed. He is not told to caress, fondle, pinch, “feel” his nose. In essence he/she is basically asked to “Position” their finger right up to the nose without sight. One will know that they have “docked” their finger with their nose when there is the pressure feedback from the skin of both the finger and their nose.

Venn 7 Senses

Fibonacci Time Vortex

To illustrate this more clearly, Prisoners during war and even in regular jails are (if you can see it differently from a perspective of the different senses):

1st Sense – Nose (smell): Many times prisoners are also deprived of their ability to breathed. This is done repeatedly usually extending the amount of time. Just like starvation, asphyxiation /suffocation is a form of torture by depriving the individual of crucial oxygen. Water-boarding would fall into a combine inter-sensory Mouth-nose  asphyxiation potentially and many times leading to suffocation. Additionally, prolonged lack of oxygen to the brain leads permanent brain damage. No testing done previously can set a standard about how long the average person can endure as everybody is different and thus it it not known if the tortures will go passed the individual’s threshold before brain damages ensure. This then can become an issue for war crimes though many countries will try to avoid it.

2nd Sense – Mouth (Taste): Gagged to deprive/prevent them from “communicating” to each other, and also as a form of torture many time deprived for extended periods of time of both food or water.

3rd Sense – Hands (Touch*): To feel tactilely, “visible (eyes opened)” tactile groping? (In depth discussion below)

4rd Sense – Ears (Hearing): “Ear-plugged” though not exactly as once there are gagged they can not talk thus no sound is entering their ear canals. Additionally, prisoners (POWs) are separated from each to prevent this and other things (discussed in detail later also). They are in a sense “repositioned” away from fellow prisoners and from the people that captured them so that they will not over-hear any of their “mission critical” planning or other secrets.

5th Sense – Eyes (Sight): blindfolded to deprived/prevent them from seeing what is around them, learning their location, memorizing technological, military, or troop strengths.

3d-man-ball-and-chain-14717320_s    freedom-freeway-exit-sign-on-blue-sky-background

*Touch: If touch was really a sense, prisoners would be  “gloved” (with added measures to prevent them from removing their gloves) once again to deprive them of caressing, fondling, “feeling” themselves and fellow prisoners. That could be said, to deprived anyone of sexual enjoyment if prisoner(s) were suspected of being homosexual(s) and that they would be in any mood for such acts during this unusually trying times. Additionally, the average person hardly ever spends more than a few seconds or a few minutes at most do visible tactile groping (used as the sense of what we now call “touch”) to find out what an object is or is not. Maybe this is done (groping) initially just to learn how to hold  an object, (how much pressure to apply). Instead most people spend a considerable amount of time extending their arms/hand (any appendage) grabbing to reposition an object if within reach or repositioning themselves close enough by walking toward it to then be able to grab and reposition food, glass of water, or any other object to then be put to used or  re-examine with the other senses. In all actually what is done to prisoners, is to handcuff them, ankle-cuffed, and then many times also chained to barely unmovable or  unmovable heavy object such as a wall, (in ancient time heavy metal or rock balls.) This can also include chaining both ankles to each other with just enough links to make walking difficult and running nearly impossible. Basically considerable amount of time, energy, and expense that are employed by capturers/ police to prevent movement of hands and of whole self by the use of restrained legs-&-feet. What they are really trying to do is to prevent autonomous positioning or repeatedly re-positioning of individuals.

In essence there is no sense of touch, but there is position and movement or better yet a sense of locomotion better explained as positionmovement-reposition or simply the sense of position-reposition. We live in a world of time and space but we ourselves occupy a position in that space; thus everything that happens and interacts in the world is due to time and position-reposition (station and movement).

Now many will try to argue against this and why would they not as there is something to be gain by this limit understanding. This has probably been the consensus for probably over  thousand years; maybe worst a fallacy or lie of satanic proportions that has maybe for as long as the English language has exist! The major problem, as is with many other issues, is that as long as there is a label for this human sense, there is little need to re-invent the “wheel”, that is spending time and energy toward understanding it would be almost futile.  If to inquire, yet thinking that no new knowledge would be gained for a new “linguistic convention” while a older one exist that everybody is already content to agree with.

Saying that there is the sense of touch implies that it is something that is done with the fingers. This is comparable as saying that the eyes give people the sense of “crying”.  The amount of time spent crying is small except for newborns and young children as we are expected to almost completely grow out of this all-to-human experience by the time we are considered mature adults, major event of great loss excluded. Now the Fingers do contain all types of receptors that convey many different types of information to the brain. People are not likely to question this issue; this is because everything that is done consciously “by touch” is done with the fingers, occasionally the whole hands. This is not 100% accurate as people can lean against something or someone could even bring an object that is sharp, hot, or cold near to any part of the body without that person initially be aware of this and almost immediate anybody would sense or “feel” this. Our whole body not just of hand and fingers is composed internally and externally with the same or similar receptors as those normally associate with tactile sensations.

The question becomes why would this not be pointed out way back in history (over thousand years), or even during any of the renaissance or enlightenment eras of the last 500 years? First if we go back enough in history we are aware that eventually there came a time when man started enslaving and oppressing fellow human beings. There arouse the need for justice and a legal system to ensure such basic human rights. One of the first written set of laws is known as Mose’s Ten Commandments, and one of these laws was  “Thou shalt not kill”. Death was considered one of the gravest of offenses by one human against another, this being against the will of God. As such being a free man himself and even a prince of Egypt, Mose’s was not or could not be put to death “morally”; instead he  was excommunicated from Egypt by the authorities. They could not actually nor morally kill him, but they could facilitate his death believing that without food or water he would have died within a few days across the desert. Diplomatically he was told that he was not welcomed back and therefore could not move freely in Egypt, but he was free to move outside the boundaries of the kingdom. He could change his position and then re-position himself anywhere outside the kingdom.

Nearly all “civil” countries within modern society now consider as deeply inhumane the following acts such gouging  somebody’s eyes out, cutting their tongue out or nose off, cutting the outer ear or damaging the inner ear through whatever means, and then as is done in many countries cutting fingers, the hands, or any part of the legs or feet off. Any of these actions would basically impair the average person of any one of their God-given senses thus limiting how they can survive in the world. These actions, on the whole against any human, as along as we know and understand their function clearly we  can sympathize with the individual experiencing such atrocities! The understanding would lead many to question and speak out against intentionally making any human handicap.

If the right to movement-position-reposition was considered a crucial God-given sense it could not morally be taken away, just as eyesight, hearing, etc. This would stand as an obstacle that could not be transgress. A basic human right, a freedom. This then shines a new light on many issues related to holding or prevent someone “movement”;  these would then open up a whole can of worms which would include the creation national boundaries, then also the concept of citizenship, imprisoning, the issue of immigration and even the concept of illegal aliens. If this sense was better understood as “free of location-reposition” then governments could not legally detained, imprison, or provide “citizenship” to some and not too others. So is Citizenship then done similarly as an owner puts a dog collar on his pet? Is it done to show ownership thus then justifying the perimeter of the enslavement cage (national boundaries) holding those that constantly work and produce through the collection of taxes, for a few calling themselves the elites or wanna-be-lords?



Now the concept of entering a geographical location stems from thinking of a stranger trying to come into one’s own house. Yet the owner of the house built the dwelling due to lack of maybe caves and needing protecting from the elements. God did not built the house so he would not say have it open to everybody but He did create the land and the seas. Likewise most of oceans are considered free at least for now, but land has been monopolized by a certain kind of individual. The same kind that perpetrated the lie of the sense of touch.

Thinking: At the individual level, any individual that appears before us and demands that we reposition ourselves near them, versus they repositioning themselves closer to us is thus also acting from a mind frame of superiority.

Further evidence supporting conclusion:

From Latin locō from a local/place, ablative of locus place + motion ]

The position-movement sensation was originally described in 1557 by Julius Caesar Scaliger as a “sense of locomotion”.[2] Much later, in 1826, Charles Bell expounded the idea of a “muscle sense”[3] and this is credited with being one of the first described physiologic feedback mechanisms. (Wikipedia)

“Proprioception”, “interoception”, and “exteroception”.  movement derived from muscular, inter organs, exter sensaton such or ears mouth, etc. kinesthesia is “proprioception)  kinesthesia is the sense of body motion and used interchangeably with  proprioception which many state it is a feedback mechanism.  sense of equilibrium or balance (Wikipedia )

The “exteroceptors” are the organs responsible for information from outside the body such as the eyes, ears, mouth, and skin. (Wikipedia)

There are specific receptors for pressure, light, temperature, sound, and other sensory experiences.

Transient receptor potential channels (TRP channels) are a group of ion channels. There are about 28 TRP channels that share some structural similarity to each other.[1] These are grouped into two broad groups: group 1 includes, TRPC ( “C” for canonical), TRPV (“V” for vanilloid), TRPM (“M” for melastatin), TRPN and TRPA. In group 2 there are TRPP (“P” for polycystic) and TRPML (“ML” for mucolipin). Many of these channels mediate a variety of sensations like the sensations of pain, hotness, warmth or coldness, different kinds of tastes, pressure, and vision. Some act as sensors of osmotic pressure, volume, stretch, and vibration. (Wikipedia)

Technological Testaments:

We live in a society where there is technology to capture,  measure, re-examine, and extend everything that our senses can do. These include video cameras and television; sound recorders,  record and MP3 players; phones  and voice-mail; compressors, barometers, and pressure relief valves; heater, refrigerators and thermometers, Then historically there has been some form of tools or vehicle to provide positioning or repositioning of resources; now these vehicles have instruments to measure the position (GPS), the velocity, and even acceleration.

Scientific, Mathematical, and Spiritual Testaments:

There two great fields of discipline partially developed and expounded greatly by Issac Newton that dealt precisely with this level of understanding. One was called physics in which analysis all interaction of stationary and moving objects through his “Three Laws of Motions”

The other great discipline independently developed by both Issac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz deals exactly in the mathematical observation, measurement, and predictability of the transformation of position into movement and its changes. The two functions deals with integral and the derivatives.

Derivatives Of Displacement  [repositioning in regard to time (the future)]

When people move, they change the position will do it at some speed (velocity). Th 1st Derivative of Displacement is velocity or basically calculus simply states that velocity is change in position per unit of time.

The 2nd Derivative is acceleration: The term “acceleration”  refers to the change in instantaneous velocity. Picking up speed thus repositioning yourself faster.

The 3rd derivative is jerk; 4th derivative is snap (jounce);  the 5th and 6th derivatives of the displacement vector are sometimes referred to as crackle and pop, respectively.

  God being the ultimate force in Heaven made it so that nothing, beside Himself, can be immovable; Nothing else in Heaven and Earth can remain motionless and for there exists:  Gravity to compel all bodies in the universe to move just as He also created the Holy Spirit that ultimate compels (/moves) the spirit Man to Act!  

Issac Newton was a very spiritual Man thus he disguised much of his understanding when he wrote regarding the inhibition of sense of Freedom (movement-position) as a warning!

1st Law: People like to be left alone, if busy don’t stop me, if resting don’t make me move! All Beings resist changes in their state of being.

2nd Law: FORCE is equal MASS times ACCELERATION. You will not be able to reposition any being unless you come with a greater force (to overcome his inertia i.e. his determination to continue as is)

3rd Law:   For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. Some will seek it so expect  revenge. People call it justice!


Newton’s Laws of Motion as they are taught in school.

Newton’s First Law of Motion “The Law of Inertia”:

I. Every object in a state of uniform motion (rest) tends to remain in that state of motion (rest) unless an external force is applied to it.  All objects resist changes in their state of motion.

Newton’s Second Law of Motion:

II. The relationship between an object’s mass m, its acceleration a, and the applied force F is F = ma. Acceleration and force are vectors (as indicated by their symbols being displayed in slant bold font); in this law the direction of the force vector is the same as the direction of the acceleration vector.

This is the most powerful of th e three Laws, , as it allows quantitative calculations of dynamics:

                             FORCE = MASS times ACCELERATION

 Everyone knows that heavier objects require more force to move the same distance as lighter objects.

 Newton’s Third Law of Motion:

III. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

 This law is exemplified by what happens if we step off a boat onto the bank of a lake: as we move in the direction of the shore, the boat tends to move in the opposite direction (leaving us face down in the water, if we aren’t careful!).





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What is the Half Life of a Pathological Lie?

Historically and economically, speaking life was much harder in the past. Males are bigger and thus consume more resources. Nature solved this my producing fewer stronger males which could also be the “sperm carrier” vs the “fetus carrier” which obviously eventually weighs more and needs around 9 months. It would make no sense to have the bigger and stronger beings be in bed for several months preparing to give birth while having the smaller ones protect against unwanted predators. This arrangement is seen in many species where the male are both stronger and more colorful as well. Natures does tend to take interesting paths and you can see species where the opposite is true. Still we would have to look at all the factors before making comments on their complete social as well as sexual dynamics.

Why did nature take this path? Instead of having many larger males going out and potentially wasting value resources and energy or food especially when little could be found, many smaller creatures eating less food could act as scouts. These scouts going out and searching would reduce the total strain on limited communal resources this being a lack of enough food to satisfy a population of giants. Nature’s solution was to produce a population of both strength and numbers…these being many smaller females scouts while still having some (fewer) bigger males acting as beast of burdens who could later congregate where resources could be found. Then they would ALL assist afterward with however much each could gather, carry, and bring back to the tribal center. This is nature’s ideal economical solution. We get the foundations of the gather versus the hunter…then eventually we would also get that of “Beauty and the Beast” once religion comes into the picture.

Basically males act as “catalyst” to initiate reproduction and are then free to go hunt/ bring food to a semi-helpless pregnant female. Efficient natural design meant they are also free to now be nurturers, gathers, hunters, planners, etc and of course a “catalyst” to impregnate as many other females as possible. The would also support other scenarios as we can assume catastrophic events and even wars where overly-protective  highly-aggressive males wiped each other out leading to depleted and unbalanced populations with nearly all females.


A problem arising here would be that if the males are too busy “courting” other females to impregnate, he would not be available to bring food or provide “comfort” to a helpless soon-to-be-mother. Worst if she already had one or several hungry young children from previous matings.

Now modern medicine has also saved millions of young and first time mothers who would have died/bled to death during birth. If this happened in the 2nd or 3rd pregnancy, the surviving young children would have still needed a mother. We find much of this in historical records though I would think there are efforts to erase these facts from history as soon as possible.

Once again nature solved this by making sure there would always be plenty of potential mothers to replace the ones that died or would never be able to produce children again. Here again is a need for more females in the population. Still if modern medicine is saving many women, the numbers of females to males would be even more staggering! We can seen department store hinting the simple fact where the women sections are 3 to 4 times larger than the men’s.

Then their rampant prostitution and the most ancient of couples favorite activities- quarreling due to a cheating spouse. Normally society produces overwhelming statistics which states that it is the man who cheats. However man would not cheat if it was not so easy. There are basically too many females compared to males thus most women don’t have a partner/ male companionship so they are willing to do just about anything to get some.

How does this seat with religion or with governments! Anybody for the one-man-one-woman have been quoting the story of Adam and Even without knowing their Bible well enough. When this fails then they start quoting Jesus incorrectly as well.  Few know that Adam had two wives, Abraham had three wives, while Moses had two, Jacob and Israel had five! The Buddha had one wife but many playmates, and Mohamed had as many as 11 at one time though many stories state that He had many mores. Peace Be on Them all!

Governments push the one-man-one-woman social marriage contract, but what does it get from monogamy? If a man had more then one wife, if first wife over-reacted, the second wife (provided she was honest) would be a witness testifying that the first was being a drama queen playing the damsel in distress to get police authorities on her side because she wanted the kids, the house, and alimony etc. If this was the case, then the government would not be able to produce so many divorces, confiscate so many homes, collect so much money that usually does not go toward child support and ultimately it would not be able to produce a small army of foster children that would later feel loyal and become military pawns because they had learn to hate their father who was put on a civil retraining order and could never come around.

Chaos tends to lead to uncontrollable emotions while uncontrollable emotions then give rise to more Chaos! One wife is much easier to brain-wash then two… plus no witness to the contrary!  If you control/brain-wash their woman, you can control the man!

                  Hillary Clinton

Now what do women want? What do man bring into a relationship? According to Maslow’s Hierarchy of Need, most women seek safety and security over everything else (A fat wallet), but according to Chaucer, women also seek control over man. In many modern societies men are the ones who go out to work while women try to get pregnant so they can stay at home with the excuse of raising babies. They basically seek a monopoly over reproduction rights as a way of denying economical accessibility to other women. Would this be an issue of selfishness, the deadly sin of avarice?


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End Time’s Exact Moment Mathematically Predictable: War (as Chaos) Is Nothing But Dissonance Coalescing Toward Unity


When you look at world through natural unfoldment you will realize sooner or later that it unfolds into what at first looks random and chaotic. However over time we will all realize that it unfolds according to very special and specific laws of nature. The laws basically follow the Fibonacci sequence and this is easier to see in plants and smaller shell animals. Most people see the unfoldment in a one-directional field. You see it growing from the initial stages to its full adult stage. Hardly does anyone see the flip-side which is more evidently seen as the shrinking of plants  or trees during the winter season.

If the Fibonacci sequence follows a natural path of growth according to the following numbers 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc all the way to infinity. It stands that under ideal conditions it would reverse itself from infinity and then spirally down from large to smaller numbers i.e. 21, 13, 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 0.

Fibonacci Time Vortex

This is simpler to see in the physical world but the same processes occur in the intellectual and spiritual and thus it occurs in everything that exists! This therefore also occurs in the realm of arguments, conflicts, political discussions, and lastly war.

War as Chaos is nothing but dissonance of truth (and lies) coalescing toward unity. Basically when there are many different opinions, the energy itself is also diffused across so many entities and therefore no-one being able to assert power over the rest. However as the dances between truth and and false draws out toward infinity only the higher truths and the bigger lies will survive.


Right before the very end you will have the Highest Truth and the Biggest Lie going head to head. For most people these two are symmetrical – look identical (the study of dialectics)- Truth and Lies are almost indistinguishable and people will stand up for one or the other thus War is unavoidable! The masses will be (and also because of the laws of nature) evenly divided into two group each supporting their limited view/ cause. There will be a third entity composed two groups:  those that are basically moving up the chain to support one or the other issue and those that could not  keep up. Everything in the world that exists is composed of three groups. When they proceed backward from infinity toward the beginning, there will be a tri-conflict (as in three) i.e a tribulation.epistemologypsycho


War is nature’s ultimatum…the last chance for simpler minds to avoid their own destruction! If they can not see things as they really are, then there is no choice but for them to fight it out which will result in some kind of Mutually Assure Destruction.

If they can see Fibonacci coming from infinity gradually and sequentially into 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 0 … It is telling you what is also in religion that “the Lord is our G-d, the L-rd is One.” This is where one should draw the line for after ONE there is zilch (non-existence).

Then there is gender to take into consideration as well…


Spiritual-Time Graph3



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