Beware Of The Homeless

For now I am just another semi-homeless wander.

Once however, a police detective told me, we have never had an applicant like you before. I asked what do you mean? After a few minutes, he shocked me when he said “I have met too many of this countries smartest people- many with Ph.Ds, and they are all living in the streets!

Now disheveled I look like and blend in with the typical bum on the street. I occasionally walk in or visit soup kitchens to get a meal. Quietly and with my head cast down like any other poor soul, I sit among the homeless crowd while admin-types pretend or try to be leaders or who boastfully spout their mediocre achievements to setup their pecking order. To them, I am just the quiet bum in the back who looks like he might just be another person with some mental disorder.

The world has taken a turn for the worst and it happened many years ago. Now we are dealing with all the after effects and things will only get worst. As for me I lived day to day by doing what I can helping others who have even less or need my skills in exchange for food and sometimes a good night sleep. Many times I have to sleep near or behind any quiet isolated building when nothings else available.  Always cold but extra clothes help; have learned to suppress hunger longer than most and can easily go without a decent meal for 2-3 days.

During these times, I have seen that too many typical churches (even the older ones) that do not even do the bare minimal to help people; these organizations are being ran as businesses with the leaders driving brand new fancy cars while at the same time exploiting those that come only needing food or warmth. I avoid walking into those organizations who put a respectful front but actually don’t do much other than run a modern slave shop so I rather live outside in the woods than physically contribute or support their ways.

People walk past me, to many in pain and suffering for numerous reasons; still many others only making faces or giving sneers.  All around especially in the weekends, hordes of citizens oblivious of the near future. Just drinking or trying to have a good time. It would be inexplicable to them to know that a person in the world exists who has never drank a beer or been drunk ever, has never smoked a cigar/cigarette, never even done any kind of drugs, and basically lived a life virtually medication free. One who never visits clinics nor hospitals and still full of vigor and in perfect health.

And almost none walking by would suspect that at one time the person a few feet away, attended one of the most prestigious academic institutions in the world or could have a background or upbringing where he consistently ranked in the highest percentage among many subjects especially the hardcore logic, science, math, mechanics, etc.  Had worked as several different types of engineer, technician, senior supervisor, volunteer to be firefighter, ex-military all these include in the aviation, financial and investment sectors, civilian, military, federal government, local and state government, etc.

Hard to believe that this man was once even asked by ex-congressman if he wanted a job working with him!  This world is full of surprises!

1 Response to Beware Of The Homeless

  1. vascularity777 says:

    so what does this mean? why live in the streets? what is the point of this post??????

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