7. Time & Recursiveness

Spiritual-Time Graph3

The charts shows a cyclic transition from Masculine energy to Feminine energy- which energy is in control and thus directly affecting the affairs of human endeavors.

It is designed to demonstrate a global understanding thus it shows sacred historical figures from both the western and eastern (oriental) perspectives.  The same could have been shown with only western Biblical figures such as Abraham, Moses, Mohamed, but I chose this instead for the farther reaching understanding it conveys. It starts with Krishna (+) then spirals into chaos with Kali (-) and then another cycle repeats itself a little 1000 years. For conciseness I skipped one masculine period in which the wave then flows across time to show the ancient biblical source of the woman who rides the beast (Zeus and Europa) followed by a transition into a period of peace through Lao Tzu (who wrote The Tao and Yin-yang concept).  Lastly I demonstrate the present as the way things are currently unfolding into chaos worldwide. In the last cycle I am showing the current manifestation of the prophecy of the harlot riding the beast prior to Armageddon taken from the final book of the Bible- The Book of Revelations.

This might be the last major chaotic period in the history of the human race if it is to transcend violence and oppression as it attempts to unite itself into a global consciousness ushering a long or hopefully and eternal period of global peace.


This is the same understanding from a scientific and chaotic parable of Energy, War, and Chaos:

Energy can be Gradual or Impulsive;  it can be Gentle or Chaotic…

E=MC^2  means Energy transforms into matter and matter into energy.

War uses so much matter and energy to transform opposing matter (enemy) from its current form into pure energy as to obliterate it completely.

History always repeats itself!

NOTE: Masculine energy is Active but gradual; Feminine energy is Passive but Impulsive!

Emotions Earthquake Impulse 2

Logic chart

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